Welcome To Logjam, A Sexy Lumberjack Simulator

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  • 2022-05-18 01:00:00Z
  • By Kotaku
Screenshot: Robert Yang
Screenshot: Robert Yang  

Indie developer Robert Yang, creator of games like Hard Lads and Rinse & Repeat, has a new release out today called Logjam. It's about a lumberjack who is just trying to make it through a very hot, sweaty day.

You can download and play it here, but if you'd like to see a trailer first, here you go:

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Please note that while that trailer manages to keep things SFW, the full game does not, so bear that in mind if you're going to be playing it. Yang's official description pretty much sums it up:

The game, however, is about more than wood. And more than sex. As Yang elaborates on his blog, wood-how and where we cut it, then what we do with it-is something to which we "apply a heavy varnish made of ideas and politics". with timber not just a building material and source of fuel, but also a major player in the story of American settler colonialism, from George Washington's cherry tree to Abraham Lincoln's log cabin.

But, yes, the game is also about a lumberjack and sex. If you want to try it out you can play Logjam here.


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