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It's Week 12 and we keep inching closer to our fantasy playoffs. Can't watch the games today? We have you covered all afternoon with all of the scores, injuries, turnovers, and big plays from around the league.


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4:00 pm ET Final Scores

Chargers 13 - Broncos 28

Rams 28 - Packers 36

Vikings 26 - 49ers 34

(7:38) On the Packers' 35-yard line, the Rams were guilty of a false start that pushed them back to second and 15 to go. The clock is winding down on third down and they … hand the ball off…? The Rams then go for the field goal, down by eight points, and 18 seconds to play. Odd. The onside kick didn't do Los Angeles any favors and Green Bay recovered and gets the win. The Rams have now lost three in a row and the Packers will head into their bye in Week 13.

(7:31) Cousins has the Vikings on the 49ers' 38 yard line but on fourth down, Cousins' pass is incomplete and San Francisco hung on to win the game.

(7:30) Mason Crosby just missed his field goal so the Rams will take over. They have a 36-25 deficit to overcome but at least Stafford can get some garbage time points.

(7:28) We are approaching the end of the last two games. The 49ers are at the 2:00 warning with possession on the Vikings' 24-yard line. WHAO, WAIT UP. Gould just missed the field goal after the break. The Vikings have 1:56 to drive down the field (no timeouts) score a touchdown and get a two-point conversion to tie the game. So, you're saying there's a chance.

(7:14) The 49ers defense held strong against the Vikings who drove down the field but couldn't convert. Cousins' pass on fourth down to Justin Jefferson was incomplete and they turn it over on downs with just over nine minutes to play and losing 26-34.

(6:57) Herbert hurled a pass into the end zone in a very Hail Mary-esque situation. TE Jared Cook came down with the football for a touchdown with less than five minutes left to go. They still trail the Broncos 13-28 after the two-point conversion was incomplete to Keenan Allen.

OBJ just caught a long pass (54 yards) from Stafford for a touchdown. The Packers still have the lead 36-25 after the two-point attempt to Cooper Kupp was successful.

(6:52) After the Cook injury and turnover, the 49ers took over in Vikings territory. A Jennings touchdown is under review after it looks like he was out-of-bounds. The call of touchdown was reversed to an incomplete pass. They settle for a Robbie Gould field goal and extend their lead to 34-26.

INJURY UPDATE: Deebo Samuel is slow to get up and appears to be injured.

(6:47) The Chargers aren't the only team struggling. Stafford was just picked off trying to get the ball to Kupp and the Packers tacked on a pick-six from Rasul Douglas. Green Bay goes for two but the attempt is unsuccessful. They still lead the Rams by 19 points, 36-17.

(6:45) The Chargers are struggling. Herbert's pass to Ekeler bounced right off his hands and Patrick Surtain returned the interception for a pick-six. The Broncos lead 28-7.

INJURY UPDATE: Dalvin Cook is down after his leg twisted underneath him. He is being carted off the field. UPDATE: Cook's injury is to his shoulder, not his leg as previously thought.

(6:37) The Vikings special teams just came up big. Kene Nwangwu returned the kick-off 99 yards for a touchdown. The two-point conversion was unsuccessful so the Vikings trail 26-31 with 2:52 left in the third quarter.

(6:33) Robbie Gould's kick was off the upright, but still went in to give the 49ers a 31-20 lead over the Vikings.

Completely unrelated to football… but this is funny… I can confirm that I did hear this on television and also had no response.

(6:24) RB A.J. Dillon is getting work in the passing game. He just scored a touchdown on a five-yard pass from Rodgers for his fifth catch of the day on five targets.

Dalvin Cook and the Vikings just responded to the 49ers touchdown with a score of their own after a trick play. They could have been have been down by only seven, but Greg Joseph missed the extra point.

(6:22) Herbert just had to scramble to avoid the sack on fourth down and he found Jalen Guyton to convert for a first down inside the 20-yard line.

(6:16) The 49ers just picked off Cousins and they returned it to the two-yard line. That was Cousins first interception in the last six games. Mitchell got the touchdown on a short run up the middle. The 49ers lead the Vikings 28-14.

INJURY UPDATE: Randall Cobb is out for the game with a groin injury.

(6:08) Samuel just rushed for 49 yards to get the 49ers to Vikings' eight-yard line. He has rushed for 69 yards so far and scored a rushing touchdown. He doesn't have a single catch yet. George Kittle caught his first reception of the game for 13 yards, but he was three yards short of the end zone. It was Samuel again for the touchdown, his second rushing TD of the game.

(5:46) The Rams are showing some signs of life before the half. Stafford found Darrell Henderson (on the exact same play that Cobb scored on) for a touchdown. They trail 17-20 heading into the break.

The 49ers tacked on a touchdown to Jauan Jennings. They tied it up at 14-14 heading into halftime.

(5:36) Davante Adams just caught a 43-yard pass from Rodgers to convert on third down. The Packers on eight-yard line and it's Cobb with the Green Bay touchdown. That's frustrating.

(5:31) The Chargers finally put points on the board just before the half. Herbert hit Austin Ekeler on a short pass for a 12-yard touchdown.

(5:28) The Rams couldn't convert for a touchdown after the turnover. Matt Gay kicked a 36-yard field goal to bring the score to 10-13 in favor of the Packers. The third-down pass was to Odell Beckham Jr. who was hit hard and couldn't hang onto the football. He was slow to get up

(5:26) Derwin James just made a beautiful interception on Drew Lock. The Chargers will take over and hopefully start waking up on offense. They are still scoreless and the first half is nearly over.

(5:23) What? Ok, so Stafford tossed it to Cooper Kupp who threw a 25-yard touchdown to Van Jefferson. It was called a touchdown on the field but Jefferson was was clearly out. The touchdown will come off the board.

(5:21) Oh no! After the Packers defense held strong against the Rams, Cobb muffed the punt and Los Angeles recovers with an excellent field position on Green Bay's 25-yard line.

(5:11) Thielen just made a terrific catch for his second touchdown for the Vikings on a 20-yard pass from Cousins.

Randall Cobb made a big play for the Packers on a 54-yard catch from Rodgers to get to the Rams' 14-yard line. The Packers were unable to convert for a touchdown and elect to have Mason Crosby take a shot at a 28-yard field goal. He has been hit or miss this season, but this kick is good. The Packers lead 13-7.

(5:07) The Rams finally got their act together with a big play from Van Jefferson on a 79-yard play for a touchdown.

(5:00) Justin Herbert has started the game with two consecutive three and outs. They failed to put any points on the board in the first quarter while the Broncos scored twice. For lack of a better term, this is just plain weird. Herbert completed a long pass to Mike Williams but it was called back for offensive pass interference. Herbert has never had three consecutive three and outs in his NFL career and they are looking at third down and 15 yards to go. Luckily, Keenan Allen caught made a 24-yard play for the first down. The first of the game for the Chargers, by the way.

(4:57) The Rams are struggling against the Packers in the frigid cold of Green Bay. RB Darrell Henderson took it on fourth down with one to go, but he couldn't convert. The Packers took over on downs on the Rams' 29-yard line.

(4:55) Not only are the Broncos missing Bridgewater now, but their left tackle was carted to the locker room. Either way, rookie Javonte Williams got the score on a nine-yard touchdown. They are up 14-0 against the Chargers.

(4:45) Matthew Stafford was strip-sacked inside the red zone. Aaron Rodgers, busted toe and all, ran it in himself for a Green Bay touchdown.

49ers RB Eli Mitchel got them into the red zone and Deebo Samuel scored the touchdown on a 20-yard rush. He has been used very creatively in the run and passing game.

(4:38) The 49ers defense has been holding firm against RB Dalvin Cook of the Vikings. On third down and goal, Kirk Cousins was forced to throw the ball away. They go for it on fourth down on the two-yard line… but San Francisco called a timeout before they could get the ball off. After the timeout, Cousins found Adam Thielen in the end zone for a touchdown to open the scoring.

There is a possible turnover for the Chargers who recovered a Bridgewater fumble. They may look at whether or not his arm was moving forward. They did reverse the call to an incomplete pass.

INJURY UPDATE: Bridgewater was very slow to get up from the bench after his fumble was reviewed and reversed. Drew Lock is in at quarterback.

(4:34) Jimmy Garoppolo was just picked off in the middle of a solid drive down the field. The Vikings will take over on offense right around mid-field.

(4:29) Teddy Bridgewater just took the ball himself for a diving touchdown to the pylon. It's not common to see Bridgewater scramble, but he got the job done and put a score on the board for the Broncos.

INJURY UPDATE: Never mind. Gordon is back.

INJURY UPDATE: Melvin Gordon is in the blue medical tent with a hip injury. His return is questionable.

1:00 pm ET Final Scores

Titans 13 - Patriots 36

Buccaneers 38 - Colts 31

Steelers 10 - Bengals 41

Eagles 7 - Giants 13

Panthers 10 - Dolphins 33

Falcons 21 - Jaguars 14

Jets 21 - Texans 14

(4:15) With 20 seconds left, Fournette ran in his fourth touchdown of the day to go up by seven on the Colts. HOLY COW! Isaiah Rodgers just ran back the kick all the way to the Tampa Bay 35-yard line at five yards deep. It was a 72-yard return. The Colts need a miracle right here with five seconds left and one timeout. They took that timeout to reevaluate. Wentz's Hail Mary is picked off and the Buccaneers take the win.

(3:58) Jonathan Taylor just got the Colts into the red zone. They have six minutes to play and trail 24-31 to the Buccaneers. Hilton caught a pass from Wentz to put them on the 14-yard line and a fresh set of downs. Straight up the gut, Taylor rushed four yards for a touchdown. They are tied with the Buccs, 31-31.

(3:52) Hurts has just over a minute left to drive down the field and score for the win. On the punt return Reagor set up the Eagles in decent field position, but they have no timeouts. They couldn't get it done and the Giants take the win.

(3:47) Boston Scott just fumbled and the Giants take over. That's the fourth turnover for the Eagles. The Giants have yet to turn the ball over and lead 13-7 with 1:30 left to play.

(3:45) The Buccaneers are in scoring position and the Colts are in danger of losing this game after leading. Nyheim Hinesmuffed a punt and fumbled inside the red zone. They kicked a field goal which extended their lead 31-24.

The Texans just turned the ball over on downs and it looks like the Jets will get their third win of the season.

(3:42) Jason Sanders added three for the Dolphins on a 33-yard field goal. They lead 33-10 over the Panthers.

(3:40) Zach Wilson remained in the game despite hobbling off of the field earlier in the game. They kicked a field goal to extend their lead 21-14 over the Texans with under five minutes to play.

(3:38) The Giants had to kick a field goal to extend their lead 13-7. The Eagles will need a touchdown and a successful extra point to win in under 3:00 minutes.

(3:33) Newton was just benched and the backup, P.J. Walker, came in to scramble and throw an interception. The Panthers have the best running back in the league in Christian McCaffrey and yet they refuse to keep the ball on the ground.

(3:31) Ryan Tannehill was just picked off in the end zone by the Patriots. They trail 13-26.

(3:25) Mixon scored another touchdown after the call stood on the field. The Bengals lead 41-3 over the Steelers.

INJURY UPDATE: Zach Wilson is limping off of to the sideline and Johnson is warming up.

(3:20) Wentz was just picked off but that looked like pass interference on the defense. It wasn't called and the Buccaneers will take over on offense in a 24-21 ball game in favor of the Colts.

The Bengals are challenging the call on the field that Tee Higgins was short of the end zone.

(3:14) Kendrick Bourne just scored a 41-yard touchdown on a short pass from Mac Jones. The Patriots lead the Titans 26-13 with 5:01 left in the third quarter.

Scott just scored again for the Eagles. They trail 7-10.

Mixon has already logged 164 yards for the Bengals. Wow.

(3:09) Evan McPherson kicked a 51-yard field goal to add three more to their lead over the Steelers.

Instead of Marvin Jones, it was Tavon Austin who scored for the Jaguars who went for two. The attempt was successful and the Jags trail 21-11 to the Falcons.

Fournette just scored his third touchdown.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins almost got a safety after sacking Newton.

(3:06) Gaskin just took a direct snap and scored his second touchdown for the Dolphins. They have a commanding 27-10 lead (missed extra point) over the Panthers who are struggling on offense with Newton under center this week.

(3:04) Jets WR Braxton Berrios just caught a pass and broke a tackle to gain 42 yards for New York. They are ahead of the Texans 18-14 on Houston's 33-yard line.

(3:02) Oh no! Wentz was just strip-sacked and the Buccaneers will take over on offense.

(3:00) Ben Roethlisberger just fumbled and was slow to get up and the Bengals have the football. Then, D'Onta Foreman just had a huge run but the Patriots forced a fumble and take over. Lots of turnovers today.

(2:56) The Colts are moving down the field on the Buccaneers as they continue to rely on the passing game. Wentz has 220 yards passing so far in this game.

Ouch… Hurts just threw his third interception. They are scoreless against the Giants who lead 10-0.

(2:51) We had two simultaneous touchdowns. Daniel Jones found TE Chris Myarick (sorry, Engram managers), and Zach Wilson rushed one in himself for a Jets touchdown.

Panthers just got a first down on a fake punt!

(2:45) Russell Gage finally found the end zone for the Falcons. They extended their lead 21-3 over the Jaguars.

(2:36) The Colts are facing fourth-down and one to go and they decide to go for it. Interesting note, Jonathan Taylor is not on the field. Wentz called a timeout with 22 seconds left in the half. Taylor ran back on the field and the Colts are going for it. Wentz found T.Y. Hilton in the end zone for a touchdown. That is Wentz's third touchdown of the game so far.

(2:33) After some debate, Matt Rhule and the Panthers get one more second on the clock after Tagovailoa lost the football with time expiring in the half. The Panthers kicked a successful 41-yard field goal to pick up three points before the half.

(2:30) Wentz just picked up a first down on a 16-yard scramble against the Buccaneers.

(2:25) Oh my goodness… Hilliard broke a tackle and took off for a 68-yard rushing touchdown for the Titans. The extra point is good (this time) after Bullock has left four points on the board with a missed extra point and missed field goal earlier in the game. The Titans trail the Patriots 13-16.

(2:22) Right after Burrow threw an interception, Roethlisberger threw a pick-six with just 37 seconds left in the half.

Fournette just got his second touchdown of the game. The Buccaneers still trail but only 14-17.

(2:13) Boston Scott just scored for the Eagles but it was taken off the board due to a holding penalty. They were just outside of the red zone and Hurts found Jalen Reagor on a 21-yard pass to set them up inside the five-yard line.

The Jaguars successfully kicked a 22-yard field goal to put three on the board against the Falcons. They still trail 3-14.

Austin Walter, who was just activated from the practice squad yesterday, scored for the Jets. They were going to go for two but took a timeout to think about it. Josh Johnson, the backup quarterback, took the rock in for a successful two-point conversion.

Dontrell Hilliard just fumbled and the Patriots recovered (resulted in a 44-yard field goal) and then Joe Burrow was just picked off just outside of the end zone.

(2:10) The Colts are piling on against the Buccaneers with a touchdown from Wentz to TE Jack Doyle. They lead 17-7 over Tampa Bay.

(2:08) The Dolphins keep pulling away from the Panthers. RB Myles Gaskin just scored on a three-yard run. They lead 21-7.

(2:03) Ouch, Brady was just picked off. But, Joe Mixon just scored for the Bengals who have a commanding 24-3 lead over the Steelers.

(1:58) Randy Bullock hit the upright and missed a field goal for the Titans.

The Colts took the lead over the Buccaneers with a touchdown by the household name Ashton Dulin… it was a 62-yard touchdown to make matters worse for fantasy (unless you have Carson Wentz).

(1:51) Wow! What a pass from Taylor to Brandin Cooks for a 40-yard touchdown reception for the Texans.

The Dolphins just picked off Newton for the second time and they are inside the ten-yard line and facing third and goal. Tua Tagovailoa hit Jaylen Waddle on a laser throw for a Miami touchdown. They lead the Panthers 14-7.

Jaguars RB James Robinson fumbled and the Falcons recovered with excellent field position. They could not find the end zone, but Younghoe Koo kicked a successful 34-yard field goal. They lead the Jaguars 10-0. Hold on… there is a flag. An unsportsmanlike conduct gave the Falcons a 1st down and they take the field goal off the board in favor of another set of downs. Patterson broke through the Jaguars and scored a touchdown for the Falcons who now lead 14-0.

(1:48) The Buccaneers got a fresh set of down inside the five-yard line. Brady kept the ball but drew a late hit call for another set of downs on the one-yard line. Leonard Fournette basically walked in for the touchdown.

(1:45) The Patriots were in scoring position but the Titans' defense held. They kicked a field to take the lead10-6.

(1:42) Giants kicker Graham Gano missed a field goal. The score is a paltry 3-0 in favor of the Giants over the Eagles.

(1:37) The Colts defense has come to make life hard for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. They just bottled up Ronald Jones on second-down and three to go. The Buccaneers are scoreless so far.

The Texans just scored with a pass from Taylor to TE Brevin Jordan. The Texans lead 7-3.

The Bengals tacked on another touchdown to WR Tee Higgins on a 32-yard touchdown. They lead the Steelers 17-3.

(1:33) Nick Westbrook-Ikhine got the target on the two-yard line but he was slipping as he made the reception. He did get into the end zone without being touched, but they called him down on the one-yard line. Head coach, Mike Vrabel, threw the challenge flag. This should result in a Titans touchdown. The extra point was no good.

(1:30) The Steelers could not convert for a touchdown so they opt for a field goal and trail 3-10.

The Falcons have to be happy that Cordarrelle Patterson is back. He just dove into the end zone for a Falcons score against the Jaguars.

(1:27) The Eagles are poised to score after a pass from Jalen Hurts to Quez Watkins. After going to Watkins one time too many, Hurts was picked off by the Giants in the red zone.

(1:22) Right after the interceptions, Big Ben found Chase Claypool on a long 41-yard pass to get the Steelers to Cincinnati's 34-yard line.

Cam Newton rushed on a designed play in the red zone to get the Panthers to the one-yard line. On third and goal, Newton was almost denied but a solid second effort got him into the end zone for a touchdown. They tied it up at 7-7.

(1:17) It's the Bengals turn for an INT. Eli Apple picked off Ben Roethlisberger and returned it to the five-yard line. They could not convert for a touchdown but make the field goal for a 10-0 lead over Pittsburgh.

On third and goal, Zach Wilson was sacked and they also have to settle for a field goal.

Buccaneers WR Chris Godwin just got the ball punched out and the Colts recover to take over on offense.

The Dolphins score on DST with a blocked punt on the Panthers. Miami has the lead 7-0 over Carolina.

(1:15) The Jets just picked off Tyrod Taylor but Kendrick Bourne for the Patriots just made an amazing catch for a touchdown against the Titans.

(1:10) Joe Burrow just scored his first rushing touchdown on the season. He scrambled left after the play was broken and rushed eight yards to dive into the end zone against the Steelers.

(1:09) The Colts open up Week 12 scoring with a field goal from Michael Badgley. They will need to more than score field goals if they want to squeeze out a victory over the Buccaneers.


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