Watch Herschel Walker Support Trump's Border Wall By Explaining How Walls Don't Work


Republic Senate candidate Herschel Walker shared some confusing remarks while addressing a crowd about Trump's proposed wall to secure the border with Mexico, Newsweek reports.

In a viral video, Walker is shown telling his audience his support of the wall. He also said that walls don't stop people from getting in.

"A wall do work," he said. "When you got a wall around your house, people don't … yeah, but they can get in. But, you know what? If they get in, it would be hard to get out because I got a dog that … well, my dog really won't bite, but he's pretty bad anyway."

The crowd seemed to agree with Walker's reasoning. Many laughed as he spoke and appeared to affirm his comments.

The clip has been viewed on Twitter by almost a million users.

Walker, who Trump endorsed, is running against Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate runoff on Dec. 6. According to poll data, the race is extremely close. All eyes are on the runoff, as Republicans are recovering from a lackluster midterm season.

Viewers had a lot to say in the viral clip's comments.

Some poked fun at Walker's comments.

"Now, if you have a moat with alligators, yeah, that might work, well unless you can't actually buy alligators, well then that might not work," one wrote.

While others were more supportive of Walker.

"Not sure what people are talking about. When Trump put up the wall, crossings went way down to almost nothing. Remember 911 folks? We can't let just anybody cross into our country without proper documentation," they said.

And one user argued that Walker's is the Republican parties dream candidate.

"It doesn't matter what he says. He's a 'yes man' and that's all they need to know. He will be told how to vote in the Senate, if somehow he pulls out a win," they tweeted.

This isn't the first time Walker's campaign has had folks scratching their heads. As Blavity previous reported, new evidence reveals that the Republican's ties to Georgia are not as intimate as he claimed. In fact, it's likely that he never lived in the state and used his wife's home in the area to claim residency.


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