UNsurprising: The world body keeps up its assault on Israel

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  • 2021-12-03 09:00:00Z
  • By NY Daily News

Credit UN Watch in Geneva for keeping a careful eye on the goings-on here on the East River, as the United Nations continues its incessant campaign to isolate, condemn, vilify, ostracize and denounce the most democratic nation in the Middle East. That's Israel, the only Jewish country in the roster of 193, which is probably just a coincidence, as no one would ever think of singling out and targeting Jews. What a crazy idea.

What's not crazy, or funny, is that the UN's General Assembly, dominated by various shades of dictatorships and tyrannies, is obsessed with the Jews and is annually lining up Israel in the dock for vote after vote to deliver the formal opprobrium from the Parliament of Man.

The pile-on against Israel also ignores the great many countries that engage in objectively horrendous human rights abuses, from North Korea to Iran to a little place you may have heard of called China.

UN Watch has a new database to track the world body's disproportionate focus on Israel. Over the last six years, the General Assembly has approved 115 resolutions against Israel and only 45 against the other 192 member countries combined. That's 72% of the resolutions for 0.5% of the countries. It's even more warped considering that there are 9 million people in Israel out of 7.9 billion on Earth. So Israelis are 0.1% of the world, but they still get almost three-fourth of the UN's brickbats.

This session's votes of 14 anti-Israel tallies include such winners as denying the Jewish nature of the Temple Mount, where this guy named Solomon built some kind of prayer area a while ago, and there's this Wall thing there. There was also the annual vote to continue the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Human Rights Practices, a 1968 Cold War relic that the anti-Israel cabal keeps alive.

America and Canada are the few decent countries siding with Israel to oppose this swill, while many cowardly European states abstain and large majorities join the gang up.


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