Trial in Windsor Locks murder starts with emotional testimony

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  • 2022-11-29 21:08:00Z
  • By Journal Inquirer, Manchester, Conn.

Nov. 29-A trial began Monday in the case against Antwon Barnes, who is accused of killing another man at an apartment complex on Old County Road in Windsor Locks in 2019.

The prosecutor started his case by calling police officers and Barnes' sister, but the most important testimony came from the mother of Barnes' child, who described what happened and said she was nearly killed that day as well.

Identified only by her initials as L.P. because of the nature of her relationship with Barnes, the woman described how Barnes fired dozens of bullets at the man she was dating, but when he pointed the gun at her face and pulled the trigger, nothing happened.

Barnes, 41, who was a Windsor Locks resident at the time, is charged with the murder of Leroy Jefferson, 35, of Hartford. He also is charged with attempted murder and third-degree larceny in connection with the events of Oct. 22, 2019, at the Bradley House Apartments.

When prosecutor Jesse Giddings called L.P. to the witness stand, he walked her through the events of the day and a brief history of her relationship with Barnes.

They met about 11 years prior and had a child together, but broke up about six months before the shooting, she testified. They were living in the same apartment building, in separate apartments on the same floor, she said.

She was dating Jefferson, but Barnes didn't know, and Jefferson hadn't been to her apartment before.

That morning, Barnes came by her apartment to see their son before he left for school. Afterward she drove to pick up Jefferson and they returned together to her apartment.

They were inside for about 45 minutes or an hour before deciding to leave again. In response to a question from Giddings, the woman mentioned that she and Jefferson heard one of the hallway doors open and close during that time, but didn't hear anyone enter an apartment.

Upon leaving her apartment, she headed for doors at the end of the hallway and the stairwell beyond.

As she went to open one of the doors, she felt someone tug on the handle from the other side. It was Barnes, she said. In the six months since they broke up, that was the first time they had ever run into each other that way.

She and Jefferson walked by without saying anything, but then Barnes started yelling, and suddenly pulled out a gun and began shooting at Jefferson, the woman testified.

Barnes fired "so many" times, she said.

Barnes aimed the gun at her face and pulled the trigger, but the gun only made a click. She said she believes Barnes reloaded the gun and pointed it at her again.

Before he could pull the trigger, she asked him, "What about our son?" He fired more shots at Jefferson instead, the woman said.

Barnes wasn't speaking much throughout the exchange, although he did ask for her car keys once the shooting was over. The woman said she refused, and Barnes left the area.

Barnes' sister, Cayonne Barnes, also testified Monday, saying her brother called her that morning and claimed he had killed someone. At first she thought he was kidding, but he repeated himself and gave more details, saying it happened in a stairwell, and he "blanked out" during it, she testified.

Cayonne Barnes said she asked if the man could have survived, and her brother said no, "I shot him in the face."

The trial is scheduled to continue today.

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