Three large companies are new to the Top Workplaces list for 2022. See who they are.

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  • 2022-06-24 00:30:02Z
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While the list of Middle Tennessee's Top Workplaces once again has a number of familiar companies that are regulars, there are also a few newcomers in the category of top large companies employing 400 or more people.

First-timers this year are Change Healthcare/Chamberlin Edmonds, HealthTrust and MAPCO Express.

The overall winner in the large-company category was Parks Realty, based in Brentwood, which employs 784 people in Middle Tennessee and 889 in total.

Read on for info on the year's newcomers.

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Change Healthcare/Chamberlin Edmonds

Headquartered in Nashville, Change Healthcare/Chamberlin Edmonds employs 564 people in Middle Tennessee and 11,500 across the U.S. The health care company was founded in 2005, and employees say it's a great place to work because of the company culture, opportunities to excel and quality leadership.

One employee who participated in the survey that led to the company being named to this list said management is "incredible."

"Management feels passionate about the work, which makes me feel passionate about the work," the employee said. "I feel challenged and engaged daily. Everyone has been very friendly and it is cool to see how many departments collaborate together here."

Employees gather at the Change Healthcare Employee Summit hosted in Arlington, VA, as a way for the team to see each other in person for the first time in more than two years, foster team culture and build relationships while gaining tight alignment on the company
Employees gather at the Change Healthcare Employee Summit hosted in Arlington, VA, as a way for the team to see each other in person for the first time in more than two years, foster team culture and build relationships while gaining tight alignment on the company's go-forward strategy and FY23 priorities.  

A spokesperson for the company said the diversity of the team is what makes Change Healthcare a great place to work.

"I'm particularly proud that we have built a culture where our team members can be their true, authentic selves at work," the spokesperson said. "And I believe that having a diverse and inclusive is not only the right thing to do for our culture; it's good for our business. By bringing different perspectives to the table, we are able to find new, creative ideas to healthcare's biggest challenges and identify innovative solutions."

An employee echoed this sentiment saying the company has an inclusive environment.

"I'm always challenged to grow and learn," they said. "There huge opportunities too explore career options or industry knowledge. This a inclusive environment that makes everyone feel comfortable in there skin."


HealthTrust, founded in 1999 in Nashville, employs 600 in Middle Tennessee and 10,467 nationwide and is another newcomer to the Top Workplaces list for 2022.

HealthTrust provides a supportive, high-impact work environment focused on advancing the care and improvement of life. The company says it welcomes professionals with clinical, materials management, legal, financial, customer service, sales and account management backgrounds. HealthTrust is also a military friendly employer, acknowledging the unique challenges of military life and skills learned through those challenges.

Ed Jones, president and CEO of HealthTrust, said that at every level, he wants employees to know and feel they are appreciated.

"I want them to experience a positive work environment, enjoy a fulfilling career, and when they leave the office each day they know they made an impact on someone's life," Jones said. "During the pandemic, for example, we did a lot of pivoting and innovating to ensure our caregivers and employees had the necessary supplies and equipment. During this time, not a single HealthTrust colleague was furloughed. It was a testament to our care-like-family culture and how much we value our workforce."

One employee added: "Even though I am not on the front lines taking care of patients, I understand how my job has the ability to impact patients and those providing care for our patients. It is very rewarding to know that you have the ability to impact the lives of others on a global scale."

Another added they feel part of a bigger picture.

"We are helping to provide important products/services to help people," they said. "I really enjoy the culture at HealthTrust and have felt encouraged in my growth since my first day here."

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MAPCO Express

Founded in 1958, MAPCO Express is headquartered in Franklin and employs 1,161 people in Middle Tennessee and 3,000 nationwide.

MAPCO is dedicated to offering a better break to customers where they can refresh and recharge at their pace with quality products and services at a competitive price.

MAPCO Express was named one of Middle Tennessee
MAPCO Express was named one of Middle Tennessee's Top Workplaces for 2022.  

MAPCO nurtures a workplace culture that prioritizes, celebrates and empowers team members by giving them the tools they need to "find your better," providing a "Better Culture, Better Benefits, Better Careers, and Better Flexibility" for all employees.

"At MAPCO, our team is at the heartbeat of everything we do," CEO Frederic Chaveyriat said. "We want to help everyone find their future, Find Their Better, and make their mark on the communities where we live and serve. So when MAPCO contributes locally through our Giveback program - whether through recent partnerships with nonprofits like Boys & Girls Club, or donating to a nearby school athletic programs - we encourage our team members to volunteer, get involved, and help us impact our local communities in a positive way."

That effort is felt among employees.

"I am able to provide opportunities for the people around me and work to make a difference in the communities we serve," one said.

Another added: "I feel that MAPCO brought me in to make a difference and they are giving me opportunities to be successful. Everyone has been open to change and understanding of the transition period for the group. Everyone wants to do the right thing."

This article originally appeared on Nashville Tennessean: Top Workplace list includes health care companies, convenience stores


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