Russian commanders in southern Ukraine move their posts to Dnipros left bank



Military leadership of the Russian occupying forces in southern Ukraine have moved their posts to the left [eastern] bank of the Dnipro river.

Source: Vitalii Kim, Head of the Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram

Quote: "I feel just a bit sorry - but not much - for the stupid orcs [derogatory naming for the Russian forces in Ukraine, - ed.] who had been abandoned on the right bank of Dnipro.

All of the commanders are moving to the other side of Dnipro."

Details: Earlier on Saturday, 13 August, Vitalii Kim and General Dmytro Marchenko, who is in charge of defending Mykolaiv Oblast announced they would reveal "certain results" soon and promised to do so in due course.


  • On 10 August, the Armed Forces of Ukraine damaged the Kakhovka bridge in the Kherson region. Kakhovka Bridge was the last transport artery for the occupiers. Now the Russians cannot transport enough weapons and equipment across the Dnipro River in the Kherson region.

  • Earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully hit two more bridges in the area.

  • British intelligence believes that ground resupply for the several thousand Russian troops on the western [right] bank of Dnipro is a key vulnerability: "With their supply chain constrained, the size of any stockpiles Russia has managed to establish on the West Bank is likely to be a key factor in the force's endurance".

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