Putin urges not to give up because of sanctions and to look for innovations in Russia

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  • 2022-07-18 11:57:59Z
  • By Ukrayinska Pravda


Vladimir Putin has said that Russia will not give up because of sanctions, but will look for "new solutions" and use its own developments due to the lack of foreign high-tech products.

Source: Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Council on Strategic Development and National Projects

Quote from Putin: "It's not just restrictions that are being deliberately used against our country, but almost complete closure of access to foreign high-tech products... They are trying to put up obstacles for us to restrain Russia's development.

This is a huge challenge for our country, but not only are we not going to give up, become confused or, as our 'well-wishers' predict, 'turn the clock back decades'- on the contrary!

Realising the enormous extent of the difficulties, we will intensively and competently search for new solutions, and effectively use existing domestic technological solutions and facilities, and the achievements of innovative domestic companies.

I understand that this is a difficult task. It is clear that we can't develop in isolation from the world. But it won't be like that. In today's world, it is impossible to draw a compass and erect a huge fence - it is impossible."

Details: Putin rebuked state corporation Rostec.

"Modest results have been demonstrated in areas for which Rostec is responsible. I know that colleagues there will now say that there is not enough funding, or something else - but I am simply stating the fact of what is happening," said the President of the Russian Federation.


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