Putin claims seizure of Azov territories "significant result" of war for Russia

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  • 2022-12-07 15:39:36Z
  • By Ukrayinska Pravda

Russian President Vladimir Putin has acknowledged that the seizure of new territories is a significant result of the so-called "special operation" in Ukraine [the official term used by Russians to describe the ongoing war with Ukraine - ed.].

Source: Kremlin-aligned news outlet RIA Novosti, quoting Putin during an online meeting of the Human Rights Council

Quote: "Of course, it appears to be a long process, but the new territories are a significant result for Russia; the Sea of Azov has become an inland sea. Even Peter the Great fought for access to the Sea of Azov; and most importantly, the people who live there are now with us, and there are millions of them. This is the most important result [of the special operation - ed.]."

Details: At the same time, Putin has acknowledged that there is a war, although Russian propaganda calls it a "special military operation".

Quote: "We [Russians - ed.] didn't start this war, but in 2014, after the coup d'état in Ukraine, it was started by the Ukrainian authorities, who came to the corridors of this government with the help of this very coup d'état to suppress the will of the citizens living in Donbas," he said.

Details: The Russian president also continues to argue that "the only true guarantor of Ukraine's territorial integrity within its current borders could be Russia", while "nationalist elements in Poland are dreaming of taking back the western territories that Ukraine gained thanks to Stalin's decisions after World War II".

According to Putin, "this is what will be done", but "it is up to Ukrainian politicians" in the future.

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