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Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch's venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

Natasha and Alex and Grace and Chris gathered to dig through the week's biggest happenings, including some news of our own. As a note, Equity's Monday episode will be landing next Tuesday, thanks to a national holiday here in the United States. And we have something special planned for Wednesday, so stay tuned.

Ok! Here's the rundown from the show:

  • Apollo completed its takeover of Verizon Media Group Yahoo: Yep, we have new bosses, and we have feelings about it. But mostly the TechCrunch news was a useful segue to Drift's majority exit to Vista Equity Partners at a price that made the Boston-based startup a unicorn. Terms were not disclosed, sadly, but Drift's revenues looked strong going into the transaction. That left us with questions.

  • Then we chatted about Databricks, which raised a small country's GDP in a single funding round this week, valuing the data-and-ML company at a staggering $38 billion valuation. Why isn't Databricks going public? Because it doesn't have to, mostly.

  • Hum Capital believes the future of startup fundraising requires a return to old school Wall Street. The startup helps founders and investors navigate the overly fragmented market these days, and just raised millions to scale this service.

  • Form there we dug into two IPOs, including the very interesting story of Toast, another Boston-based company, and AllBirds. The AllBirds offering was less exciting from a numerical perspective, though Natasha and Alex both like their shoes from the company.

  • And to close out, we discussed how Compound Foods wants to save the planet by making coffee sans beans. Which we are willing to try as soon as we can.

That's a wrap from us for the week! Keep your head atop your shoulders and have a great weekend!

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Brex just signed a term sheet for $300M at a $12.3B valuation
Brex just signed a term sheet for $300M at a $12.3B valuation

Fast-growing fintech Brex has raised $300 million in funding that propels it to decacorn status, just six months after it was valued at $7.4 billion...

Daily Crunch:
Daily Crunch: 'To stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech,' Trump launches social network

TechCrunch has all the details, along with lots of crypto-focused news, product updates from Big Tech and a cacophony of startup items. Say hello to the Trump social network: Former U.S. President Donald Trump is finally making good on the rumors that he intends to launch a media company. Indeed, the twice-impeached erstwhile reality television show host intends to build not just a social network, but also a video service and has plans to take on both Amazon and Microsoft.

Daily Crunch: PayPal reportedly considers buying Pinterest at a $39B valuation
Daily Crunch: PayPal reportedly considers buying Pinterest at a $39B valuation

It's been quite a day, with Facebook making a number of headlines, a blizzard of IPO updates and some acquisition scuttlebutt along with a big Twitter deal. From the TechCrunch side of things, our SaaS event is just around the corner and our space-themed Session is taking off shortly after. Facebook said to ponder name change: Remember when Google created Alphabet, a holding company for its various ambitions?

Daily Crunch: Google
Daily Crunch: Google's new Pixel Pass subscription bundles phones and services

In other TechCrunch news, we have a huge dive into Automattic, the company behind WordPress that also owns Tumblr, which our former parent company (Verizon Media) used to own before our parent company's parent company (Verizon) sold us and we became Yahoo. Google drops new hardware, software: On the heels of Apple's event yesterday, Google got in on the hardware action today. Chinese venture capital posts epic quarter: In light of regulatory tumult as the Chinese government makes strident changes to its technology landscape, economy and culture, you would have been forgiven for expecting venture investors to slow their roll when it came to startups in the country.

A massive
A massive 'stalkerware' leak puts the phone data of thousands at risk

The private phone data of hundreds of thousands of people are at risk. Call records, text messages, photos, browsing history, precise geolocations and call recordings can all be pulled from a person's phone because of a security issue in widely used consumer-grade spyware. TechCrunch repeatedly emailed the developer, whose identity is well hidden, through all known and non-public email addresses, but lines of inquiry to disclose the issue went cold.

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