NFL star calls out Colin Kaepernick for abandoning the people he supposedly kneeled for


National Football League wide receiver Dez Bryant called out Colin Kaepernick for abandoning the people for whom he was supposedly advocating.

Bryant, 32, who was selected to three Pro Bowls, asked what Kaepernick has done to assist the communities he ostensibly sought to help by fighting police brutality and racial injustice.

"I respect Colin Kaepernick, but there's one thing that I don't respect," Bryant said on the I Am Athlete podcast Monday. "And I said it when I get the opportunity, and to get on the stage to say it, I would say it, and I love him to death. So, it ain't no hate or nothing like that. But, brother, you had the biggest opportunity in the world to create jobs, build jobs, give jobs to people."


"The people that you was talking about, the people that you so-called standing up for, those people who stood beside you, the people who lost their jobs because of you - where you at?" Bryant asked. "I ain't heard from you."

The former Dallas Cowboys star commended Kaepernick for raising awareness but said Kaepernick did so without instruction or direction.

"There was no call to action," Bryant said.

Bryant had previously called Kaepernick's leadership into question in 2019.

"You cannot lead people without giving proper direction," he posted on Twitter in 2019. "We have to be careful opening up a dialogue that resonates deeply with so many but have no preparation and/or solution behind it."

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