USB-C devices will have to ask for permission to send data in macOS Ventura

  • In Tech
  • 2022-06-07 20:58:57Z
  • By Engadget

MacOS Ventura could prove reassuring if you're worried about compromised peripherals ruining your computer. As The Verge notes, Apple has revealed that Ventura will require user permission before USB-C and Thunderbolt accessories can transfer data on M1- and M2-based Macs. You won't have to fear that someone could deliver malware simply by plugging in a thumb drive, or that a poorly-designed product might wreck your machine by sending bad info.

The policy is enabled by default, but won't affect accessories plugged into your Mac during the OS upgrade process. It also won't block external monitors, power adapters or products attached to already-approved hubs. Devices will also continue to charge even if they're blocked, so you can still use your computer to top up a friend's phone.

This won't thwart devices that could fry ports through electrical surges. However, this could add a meaningful layer of security on top of USB-C's requirement for encrypted authentication certificates. You'll have the final say on data access, and might just stop a malicious device before it has a chance to do any damage.

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