International observers at the "referendums" turn out to be Putin lovers and propagandists

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  • 2022-09-26 14:50:05Z
  • By Ukrayinska Pravda


Investigative Journalists have said that "international observers" at the sham referendums in the occupied Oblasts of Ukraine have turned out to be long-time supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Details: Dia Nader from Venezuela came to the sham referendum in the occupied part of Zaporizhzhia Oblast as an observer. The Russians almost made a sensation out of her presence in the referendum - in the first days of voting, Nader was actively quoted by almost all the main propaganda media.

Journalists write that there are big doubts that Nader is voicing theses that are beneficial for Russian propaganda because she sees no problem in holding sham referendums and supports them in every possible way.

Nader was born in Lebanon and educated at the Patrice Lumumba Soviet Peoples' Friendship University in Moscow.

In 2019, Nader was chargé d'affaires at the Venezuelan Embassy in Serbia and stated that "Kosovo is historically a part of Serbia, just as Crimea is historically a part of Russia."

Her other statements relate to condemning the United States for the war in Yugoslavia and inciting hostility in other countries. These messages are now very actively used by Russian propagandists.

Another so-called observer of the illegal referendums is Roman Blashko, former editor of the Czech communist newspaper "Haló noviny" and a politician.

He criticised the Czech authorities for "tainting relations with Russia", and published an article for Czech audiences about the downed MH17 flight in 2014, in which he whitewashed Russia.

Political analyst Lubica Blašková from Slovakia, who is also the president of the Slovak Association of graduates of Russian and Soviet universities because at one time she graduated from the Volgograd State Pedagogical and Moscow State Pedagogical institutes, arrived as an observer for the pseudo-referendum in Luhansk Oblast.

Journalist Sonia Van den Ende from the Netherlands, previously known for her propaganda statements, also came to Luhansk Oblast to "observe". As an example, she previously wrote about the events of May 2014 in Odesa, where, according to a Russian propaganda story, she talked about how "the fascists burned down the trade union building."

In May, she took part in the so-called "press tour" with Russians in the occupied territories.

Thomas Röper, who calls himself a German journalist and who is almost perfectly fluent in Russian, visited the occupied territory in Kherson Oblast as an observer of the sham referendum. In comments to Russian propaganda media, he boasts that this is the eighth time that he has visited the occupied territory since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He has been living in Russia for more than 20 years, runs his YouTube channel in German and talks about his support for Russia in the war with Ukraine. In addition, Röper often appears in Russian propaganda media, and the "cherry on top" is the fact that he is the author of a book about Vladimir Putin.

Andre Michel Claude Chanclu is French and is the president of the non-profit organisation "France-Russia collective".

His sympathy for Russia is shown by numerous photos on social networks. For example, by a sticker in the form of the Russian tricolour, with the Russian tricolour itself (the photo in question dates back to 2013), or with a St. George's ribbon on his chest.

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