How many SC tax rebates have been issued so far this year? Don't have a check yet? Here's why

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  • 2022-12-07 15:41:30Z
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More than 1 million South Carolinians have received an early Christmas present from the SC Department of Revenue so far this year.

Approximately 1.39 million tax rebates totaling more than $942 million have been issued to taxpayers over the last four weeks, the department announced on Wednesday.

State lawmakers in June approved the parameters for a tax rebate of $1 billion for South Carolinians. Eligible taxpayers have received up to $800 by direct deposit or paper checks. The department previously announced that all rebates for anyone who filed returns by Oct. 17 would be sent before the end of the year.

"I'm pleased to announce that all of the eligible rebates in the first group are complete, and we have successfully issued more than 1.39 million rebates just in time for Christmas," SCDOR Director Hartley Powell said in a Wednesday press release. "I am extremely grateful to our SCDOR employees and our partners at the State Treasurer's Office who helped complete this enormous task on time and in smooth fashion."

The department noted that there is a group of eligible taxpayers who have not received a rebate yet, depending on bank and mail processing. Also, eligible taxpayers who filed or will file their 2021 tax returns between Oct. 18 and Feb. 15 will get their rebates in March, the press release states.

What if you filed by Oct. 17 and haven't gotten a rebate?

  • If you didn't have a tax liability, you were not eligible for a rebate.

  • If you check your status online and it shows the rebate was issued even though you didn't get it, allow for 30 days after the issued date, then complete and submit the SC3911, Individual Income Tax Refund Tracer.

  • Check the status of your rebate by visiting You'll

  • need your SSN or ITIN and line 10 from your 2021 SC Individual Income Tax Return (SC1040).

  • Your bank may have its own processes that could impact when your deposit is available in your account.

  • Checks sent by mail will take longer to receive.

You were sent a paper check if:

  • You notified the department of a change in banking information by Nov. 1.

  • You got your 2021 refund by paper check or debit card.

  • You had a balance due and did not receive a refund.

  • You received your 2021 refund using a tax preparer's account.

  • Your original direct deposit rebate was issued to a closed account. If that happened, the rebate was returned to the department, which then issued a paper check.


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