Here Are 10 Things Diva Magazine's Linda Riley Wants You To Know

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  • 2022-04-29 01:39:23Z
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An entire week dedicated to lesbians? Say no more!

Linda Riley, publisher of Diva Magazine
Linda Riley, publisher of Diva Magazine  

1."What we can expect is the word lesbian to be heard again, and heard in a positive manner."

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"It's almost like we need a Lesbian Visibility Week because we need the space to be heard. Quite frankly. Although the letter L comes first in the acronym LGBTQI, it's not something that's very visible. We've had Lesbian Visibility Day for about 12 years, and our voices are just not heard enough. So yeah, we need it, and we need that space.

"There's lots going on. We're trying to get the word out more globally. We've got some global panels coming in. We have GLAAD in USA partner in us. So the more people get on board with this, the better and the bigger we become."

2.Diva Magazine is more than just a magazine.

3.Linda identifies as butch, but it's not all about labels.

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"What I want people to understand first and foremost is that people should not be given labels, but they should be allowed to express their own labels. So when I give out my label, I want to be proud of it, and I want to own it.

"One thing that somebody did say to me, I was going to do an article a few years ago on butch lesbians, and it really resonated with me. They said, 'Butch lesbians are a dying breed.' And that upset me because I was like, it shouldn't be a dying breed; it should be a breed that grows on its own and it goes naturally, but yet doesn't condemn any other form of labels."

4.And the same goes for femme lesbians, BTW.

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"I think it's changed in the views of LGBTQI women, maybe not so much in the mainstream. If you're femme lesbian, you only go out with a butch lesbian, all this stuff. It's really nonsense because basically, we love who we love, you know, and that's really what we're promoting about Lesbian Visibility. And really, more importantly than anything, it's basically accepting other people for who they are and what they want to be."

5.A community should be inclusive: We all suffered enough.


"When you've been oppressed, I mean, I've been a lesbian for many, many years and suffered much oppression. Times are much better now in the mainstream, but when you've suffered this much oppression and judgment, you certainly shouldn't be giving it yourself against your own community. You know, that's my view anyway."

6.She faced backlash from TERFs when she became Diva's publisher.

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