Get Your Hands on One of the Best Contax Cameras Ever Made

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If you've heard of the legendary Contax 645, then you've probably wondered about a 35mm format version. The true variant would be the Contax N1, but the Contax NX is almost the same camera. We'd know; we reviewed it! We all know that film camera prices are going up because they're so in demand. But the Rare Camera Store has one right now at a lovely price. What's more, you get a lens with it!

Welcome to the Rare Camera Store: a joint initiative of The Phoblographer and the wonderful folks at Blue Moon Camera. We work to bring you some of the coolest and rarest items for a great price.

The $450 listing for the Contax NX over at Blue Moon Camera says:


Their version of the camera is barely used. And it comes with the awesome 24-85mm f3.5-4.5 lens. Lucky for you, we also reviewed the Contax NX with just that lens.

In our review, we stated:


As I stated, I'd be careful with it in the cold. The Contax NX was designed with weather sealing in place. So if it gets too cold outside, the camera might have a few issues working. Of course, it needs a battery too. If you're planning on staying in a warm place, you'll never have problems. But when the temperatures start dropping into the teens (Fahrenheit), you'll probably see issues.

We encourage you to head over to our review to see some sample images we shot with the Contax NX. But more importantly, you should head on over to Blue Moon Camera and take a look. Their Contax NX is in absolutely fantastic condition. And considering they tested it, it's also a fair price.


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