Donald Trump slammed on social media after company's guilty verdict

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  • 2022-12-07 01:57:00Z
  • By NY Daily News

NEW YORK - The jury has spoken. But on the subject of Donald Trump's business, so has everyone else.

Just moments after a Manhattan jury delivered a guilty verdict against the former president's family real estate business, social media was buzzing with reaction to the high-stakes decision.

Tweets, memes and hashtags dominated the still-popular Twitter platform. The only opinion missing from Elon Musk's new toy was Trump's himself; he has yet to take Musk up on his offer to remove Trump's suspension and come back into the fold.

But Trump and his organization were trending, thanks to opinionated social media mavens at the ready, waiting to hit "enter" as soon as the verdict was in.

#TrumpIsDone was among the hashtags trending on Twitter, along with Tax Evasion and #TrumpCrimeFamily.

"A 'sucker" is someone who supported him in 2016," said one meme with a picture of a winking Trump. "A loser is someone who still does."

"Treason's Greetings," read another with a picture of Trump and children Eric, Ivanka and Donald Jr. in prison stripes.

Some of the tweets were a little less acerbic, even if they made the same point.

"Trump is known to be a fraud in the court of public opinion," Rep. Ritchie Torres, D-N.Y., wrote on Twitter. "Now the Trump Organization has been convicted of fraud in a court of law too."

Trump was not without his supporters.

Political scientist Carol Swain said online that Trump is the victim of a "double standard."

"I have never seen a man so hated and feared as #DonaldTrump," Swain wrote. "We the People are supposed to believe the #Trump family is a crime family and not the #Bidens and #Clintons."

Terrence Williams, an actor, comedian and commentator, injected a little reality into the Twitter debate.

"Trump is not going to jail," Williams wrote. "Get over it already."



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