Devon crocheted Christmas tree inspires African town

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  • 2022-12-09 10:03:02Z
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A Devon village that crocheted a giant Christmas tree has inspired a community 7,000 miles away to create their own.

The Appledore Christmas tree in Devon went viral on social media in 2021, prompting a craft group in White River, South Africa, to get in touch.

The Appledore crocheters sent instructions for how to make their own using 1,200 crocheted squares.

The tree has gone on display at the Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre in White River.

Jennie Lamb was one of the people behind the Appledore tree in 2021, where about 1,000 volunteers have contributed to another one this year.

She said: "We shared all the construction detail that we had worked out along with advice on the 1,200 crochet and knitted squares and how to attach them to the structure."

Penny Boden runs a group of knitters called the Knitwits in White River and contacted the Appledore team for advice.

She said: "After coming out of two difficult years of Covid, it was decided that the group would create their own gorgeous Christmas tree made out of knitted and crocheted squares.

"Contact was made with people in Appledore, Devon, in the UK who kindly sent plans and details of the basic structure, which they had previously used to create their own Christmas tree."

The group asked people to crochet 1,000 20cm squares to be finished off with a green border, but they ended up with about 2,000.

More than 70 people from their own group contributed, along with others from as far away as Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Ms Boden added: "Our creative ladies were encouraged to depict some of our local specialities in their squares, so we have the red cross of St George's Anglican Church, 'golf' squares and many wonderful wildlife scenes."

The 19ft (5.8m) tall tree was designed in three sections and was unveiled at a ceremony at which Father Christmas arrived on a Harley Davidson.

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