Dallas Mavericks will regret this one; trading for Kyrie Irving is a desperate move


The Dallas Mavericks are so desperate to put an All-Star player next to Luka they went with the crazy hot one.

Uncle Drew is coming to the Mavs.

Will be interesting. Will be entertaining.

And don't come cryin' when Kyrie Irving goes Rondo and this movie bombs.

On Sunday, according to ESPN and other media outlets, the Mavericks sent guards Dorian Finney-Smith and Spencer Dinwiddie along with a 2029 first round pick and two second round picks to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for the All-Star guard who fancies himself as the NBA's version of Socrates, without the brains.

Irving, 30, made it known last week he would not resign with the Nets this offseason and he wanted to be traded.

Love the boldness of the Mavs to constantly go for it.

Hate this move.

Adding Irving to play next to Luka Doncic makes the Mavericks a more talented team, not a better one.

There is one prima donna Net you want, and it's not Kyrie (Hint: He's a Longhorn).

Kyrie makes Terrell Owens, Lamar Odom, Rajon Rondo, Carl Everett, Greg Hardy and some of the other crazies who have graced our fields and courts with their talents look like role model teammates.

Kyrie is what dudes call "Crazy hot."

So hot as in DO NOT TOUCH.

If you do, you're going not going to get not burned but destroyed.

Ask the Cavaliers. Ask the Celtics. Ask the Nets.

He's not worth it.

The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 9, and the Mavs are currently in contention as the NBA's Most Disappointing Team this season.

Who knew Jalen Brunson was this good?

The Mavs are 28-26, and in sixth place in the Western Conference. They are basically two games away from the 10th seed, and nine away from the first.

The problem is the problem; Luka doesn't have quality friends.

Kyrie is quality. Not sure he's a friend.

The Mavs are 0-7 when Luka Doncic doesn't play, which includes a six-point loss at Golden State on Saturday night. No, the game wasn't that close.

Mavs GM Nico Harrison and owner Mark Cuban had to do something if they want to be a threat in the West.

Adding Kyrie Irving's talent does that.

Adding Kyrie Irving's personality does not.

When Kryie told the Nets he wasn't coming back, the team had no choice. They had to get something in return.

Cuban has shown he's willing to take a swing; this is the team that traded for Rondo, Lamar Odom, added Dennis Rodman, took flyers on Wang Zhizhi, Antoine Rigaudeau, among other greats.

Kyrie makes the Mavs interesting. He's a brilliant ball handler, scorer, and finisher.

He averages 27.1 points and 5.3 assists this season in 40 games.

He's just a trash pro.

Again, ask the Cavaliers. Ask the Celtics. Ask the Nets.

He is the embodiment of the overly-enabled, perpetually-pampered American basketball star born from the AAU circuit. He's the Alpha who doesn't want the responsibility, or consequences.

LeBron James may be the only personality in the NBA big enough to put Kyrie in its place. The Celtics couldn't do it. James Harden didn't try to do it. Kevin Durant couldn't do it.

Kyrie's presence will test Doncic's ability to run this team unlike any other teammate in his career.

It will only be a matter of when Kyrie finds something wrong with the Mavs.

There is no more player friendly organization than the Mavericks, and Kyrie is the child who will pout about the color of the locker room. The jersey design. The weather.

(Good news; he won't complain about Texas' COVID policies).

It will always be something, and it won't be Kyrie.

And ultimately his passive aggressive, high-minded wrath will fall on head coach Jason Kidd.

Kidd needs a talent like Irving, not a child like Irving.

Nico and Cuban put together a decent team; when Doncic and forward Christian Wood start, the team's winning percentage is .620.

With Brunson gone to New York, Doncic is wearing the cape to beat the Detroit Pistons (he went for 53 in a 6-point win over the 14-40 Pistons on Jan. 30).

Losing Maxi Kleber to a hamstring injury should not be this disastrous.

Watch the team. They need players. Real players. Not just nice players.

Kyrie Irving is a real player.

And he's still not worth it.

Because Kyrie Irving is hot.

Crazy hot.



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