Your Ultimate Guide to Body Hair Removal

Body hair removal is as much of a personal choice as any other beauty treatment. We can't deny that for many, there's been a lengthy history of societal pressure to remove it-but as the conversation around how we present ourselves progresses, it's a good time to remind yourself that the decision is ultimately your own. If you want to leave your body hair alone, then feel free to let it grow. Alternately, if you'd like to remove your body hair, there's a long list of options currently available.

So if you're curious to explore those options, we're bringing you all the relevant information. We spoke to dermatologists, trichologists, and beauty experts to demystify how each process works and the pros and cons of each. Below, our detailed guide to six different types of body hair removal you can choose from.


How It Works: Even if you haven't tried this one before, you're likely familiar with the process. Hot wax is applied to your skin; it grabs on to the roots of your hair, cools down, and then gets pulled off. In order for it to be done effectively, you need to have at least a few millimeters of hair growth above your skin so the wax can properly attach. Your aesthetician may also trim your hair before waxing; when your hair is too long, it can cause extra pain as it comes off (speaking from personal experience).

"This actually removes the organ responsible for hair growth, the follicle or root, out from underneath the skin," says Dominic Burg, M.D., chief scientist for Evolis Professional. "It not only removes your hair but also damages the cells and apparatus needed to grow a new hair in its place, so new hairs come in finer and less substantial, more so with repeated waxing."

Pros and Cons: Waxing can be done on any hair type and is relatively affordable depending on whether you do it at home or which salon you go to. Most at-home kits will run you $5 to $30, while salons typically charge $30 to $90 (Brazilians are more expensive than basic bikini waxes since they're more involved).


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