Woman charged with harassing Georgetown police chief gets probation

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  • 2022-05-25 14:33:00Z
  • By The Daily News of Newburyport, Mass.

May 25-GEORGETOWN - Michele Velleman, an Elm Street resident accused of harassing Georgetown Police Chief Donald Cudmore, pleaded guilty to several charges Friday in Newburyport District Court and was sentenced to five years probation.

During her years on probation, Velleman, 50, must abide by a lifetime harassment prevention order filed by Cudmore and stay away and have no contact with Cudmore and all witnesses.

She also must stay away and have no contact with attorneys and undergo a mental health evaluation and receive all treatment deemed necessary. She cannot post any social media or internet messages related to Cudmore or the Georgetown Police Department, and must remain drug and alcohol free with random screens.

Reached by phone Tuesday, Cudmore said he was pleased that the "very long and complicated case" that spanned nearly five years had reached an end.

"Hopefully, Ms. Velleman can seek and find the help she needs," Cudmore said.

Velleman was arraigned in Haverhill District Court in June 2020 on four counts of threatening, witness intimidation, stalking, and making annoying phone calls. The case was transferred to Newburyport District Court to avoid a conflict of interest.

While also facing criminal charges, Velleman was served with a restraining order by Cudmore that ordered her to not have contact with him.

Before Judge William Martin pronounced sentence, Cudmore delivered an impact witness statement, according to two people inside the courtroom.

The plea deal ends an intense and lengthy courtroom saga that saw Velleman jailed multiple times for violating conditions of her release before she was let go. She also drew the ire of at least one Essex County prosecutor who filed a complaint against Velleman for calling her office repeatedly.

That prompted Velleman to be arraigned on a new harassment order violation for contacting attorneys linked to Cudmore.

In April 2020, Cudmore alerted state police that Velleman had been allegedly harassing him and making threatening statements to him, his wife and family for more than 2 1/2 years.

The alleged harassment began in response to Cudmore's investigation of Velleman's claims that her ex-boyfriend, a Georgetown police detective at the time, was harassing and abusing her.

Cudmore stated that Velleman, using several different names, posted "thousands" of social media links on Facebook and three YouTube videos containing what he called "inaccurate information, lies and fabricated material concerning her disdain for me, my family and the Georgetown Police Department."

Among the social media posts were claims that Cudmore "killed three squirrels" and posted them on the door of a selectman's house and that the entire Police Department was covering up what she called the "chief's criminal acts as they are criminals as well," according to Cudmore's report to state police.

To cover her tracks, Velleman used nine email domain names and sent so many emails to the department, a tactic Cudmore called "email bombing," that this clogged the department's email server. On April 3, 2020, alone, she sent 30 emails, according to Cudmore's report.

"As a result of the above, my family has endured Velleman's stalking, intimidating behavior, harassment and slander for almost three years now. She has used social media and sent email messages to many other police officers and public agencies to spread lies, misinformation and false allegations against me, my family and the police department I command," Cudmore wrote.

Dave Rogers is a reporter with the Daily News of Newburyport. Email him at: drogers@newburyportnews.com. Follow him on Twitter @drogers41008.


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