The GOP can't win Senate majority in Georgia's runoff. There's no incentive to vote for Walker.

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  • 2022-11-17 11:00:09Z
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This is a commentary by Robert Pawlicki, a member and former president of the Hamiltons, a non-partisan, civic-minded men's organization based on Skidaway Island. Pawlicki is also a semi-retired psychologist who regularly contributes content to the Savannah Morning News regarding mental health and wellness.

The votes are in. The Democrats will retain their hold of the U.S. Senate. There is no need to vote for Hershel Walker in the Georgia U.S. Senate runoff.

Walker is not a strong Republican candidate. Gov. Brian Kemp far outperformed Walker, earning approximately 163,000 more votes. Many Republicans held their nose and voted for Walker to deny the Democrats the majority in the Senate. Now that the Senate is in the hands of the Democrats, there is no need to vote for a poorly qualified candidate.

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Even if Walker should win in the runoff, the Democrats will still have 50 senators and, with the vice president's tiebreaking vote, the majority. Since the goal of a Republican majority has not been met, it makes sense for Georgia Republicans not to vote for Walker in the runoff.

"I'm this country boy. I'm not that smart. And he's that preacher. He's a smart man, wears these nice suits." That's Walker speaking as he inoculated himself in preparation for a debate with Sen. Raphael Warnock. Inoculation is what psychologists call it when the speaker lowers expectations to avoid potential shame.

It was also an attempt to hide what we should all know: Walker is unsuitable material for a U.S. senator.

Why Sen. Hershel Walker is dangerous for Georgia

A trip to Walker's website reflects the candidate's primary credentials in running for a Senate seat: football. Noticeably muted are his views on policies. While he talks about lowering taxes and curtailing discussion of critical race theory in public schools, we are not told his beliefs on inflation or climate change.

Beyond football, we hear Walker speak of his small town, rural Georgia credentials, and his fidelity to conservative values. Walker is trying to paint himself as a simple man, a neighborly rural Georgian. Not one of the elitists, unpopular in the rural Republican base.

Playing against intelligence may work well with some in Georgia's Republican base but is dangerous for the rest of us to buy into.

The job of a senator is no small challenge. According to the U.S. Senate's web site, "The Senate acts on bills, resolutions, amendments, motions, nominations, and treaties by voting. Senators vote in a variety of ways, including roll call votes, voice votes, and unanimous consent." Sounds like a complicated job.

In the 117th Congress, Sen. Warnock serves on the following committees: Agriculture, Nutrition, Forestry, Commerce, Science, and Transportation, Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, Congressional Joint Economic Committee, and Special Committee on Aging. Can you imagine Walker serving on any of these committees, nonetheless on many of them?

A vote for Hershel Walker is a vote for ignorance

Scientific knowledge means little to Walker. Concerning COVID-19, Walker pitched for a "mist" that magically kills the virus. "You know, right now," speaking on the Glen Beck show, "I have something that can bring you into a building that would clean you from COVID as you walk through this dry mist."

Speaking on climate change, Walker said, "Don't we have enough trees already? Asked about the U.S. air quality, the Republican candidate, in a rambling response, said, "because we don't control the air," America's "good air decided" to "float over to China's bad air." China's "bad air" will then "move over to our good air space," which would force America to "clean that back up."

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It isn't easy to speculate where Walker could do an acceptable job as a senator.

Many Americans underestimate the intelligence required to adequately serve in Congressional work. Politics and emotional images obscure the complicated and crucial day-to-day work that goes into legislation.

Reading the intricate details offederal legislation is not for the faint of heart or someone who self-identifies as "I'm not that smart. I'm just a country boy." That may play well on the campaign trail, but it is not what I want to represent me in Congress any more than I desire a poorly educated doctor to treat me.

On the critical issues of the day, necessary to Georgia, we need representatives capable enough to navigate information in a complicated world.

Take him at his word when he says, "I'm not that smart." Whatever his capabilities, they are not abilities suitable to be a Georgia senator. Voting for ignorance is dangerous no matter your political party.

This article originally appeared on Savannah Morning News: Herschel Walker isn't smart enough for Georgia in the US Senate


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