'So awkward!': Public NYE proposal in Hawaii turns cringe after couple starts fighting



A TikTok video of a woman who rejected her boyfriend's awkward marriage proposal at a New Year's Eve party in Hawaii over the weekend has gone viral.

TikTok user Cass (@caesthetically) was caught off guard when the music of the outdoor New Year's Eve event she went to in Waikiki, Hawaii, on Dec. 31, 2022, was suddenly cut off. She took her phone out in time to film a woman being called onstage by her boyfriend.

"Omg they stopped the entire NYE party for this guy to propose and the girl was NOT HAVING IT," the video's onscreen text says.

The clip shows the woman with an awkward expression on her face. She eventually - although seemingly reluctantly - agrees to her boyfriend's request and joins him onstage.

The man can be heard delivering a speech about how important New Year and Hawaii are to him. He then says, "And I want to say I'm crazy in love with you. You're the love of my life."

After his speech, the man gets down on one knee and asks the woman to marry him. The video then cuts to another angle, showing an awkward silence between the couple. The man eventually breaks the ice by saying, "It's a simple yes or no" with a smile.

To many viewers' surprise, the woman actually agrees to marry him.

"So awkward!" one of the proposal's spectators can be heard screaming in response.

However, @caesthetically managed to film the aftermath of the proposal, showing the couple having a serious discussion. "They immediately started fighting after they got off stage," her video's onscreen text says.

Social media users were quick to comment on the now-viral video, which has already garnered over 4.2 million views and 491,000 likes since it was uploaded on Monday.

"I want to know the story here. Did he know she wouldn't like a public proposal? Or did he think this will get her to say yes? So many questions," one user wrote.

"Men take note: please don't propose on a holiday, at someone else's wedding, on a birthday, or during a big accomplishment for your girlfriend," another user commented.

"Oh that 'yes' definitely had a question mark at the end of it… off to a rough start," said another user.

In a follow-up video where she recalls the New Year's Eve party, @caesthetically shares that the woman looked "bewildered" by the surprise proposal.

"They stopped the entire party, cut the music, for this random guy to propose. And the girl he was proposing to did not seem stoked, her face the whole time just looked bewildered. She did say yes but it was really awkward. I think they started fighting afterward."

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