Sarah Hyland Is Getting a Butt Tattoo Removed, and It Looks Pretty Painful


Sarah Hyland has several tattoos, most of which are delicate, black symbols or lettering on areas like her ribcage and spine. One, however, arguably stands out from the rest: a cartoonish, purple tyrannosaurus rex on her right butt cheek. And while she first showed it to fans only two years ago, it appears she may already be tired of it.

Hyland, who has frequently been very candid on her Instagram Stories, used the platform to share that she was visiting registered nurse Jamie Sherrill, known as Nurse Jamie at her Los Angeles medspa. "Actual reaction to some laser tattoo removal @nursejamiela ????," she wrote. In the brief front-facing video, we get a closeup of Hyland&aposs face, partially covered in black safety goggles - but even though her eyes are covered, we can see from her furrowed brow and the shapes her mouth makes just how uncomfortable the process can be.

You can hear a little beep just before the camera shakes from the Modern Family actor being startled by the pain of the laser. "Oof! That hurts," Hyland says. Sherrill asks, "Spicy?" And Hyland confirms in a pained but good-spirited voice, "Spicy!"

Although it&aposs not confirmed that it&aposs Hyland&aposs dinosaur tattoo that&aposs being removed, it seems like the most likely target based on where Sherrill is aiming the laser. And unfortunately for Hyland, she will very likely have to aim the laser there again, as it can take several sessions to fully break up and, thus, remove the pigment. "The focus of the laser treatment is to disintegrate the ink particles of the tattoo," says dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank has previously told Allure. "A high-intensity light beam is targeted at the pigmentation, causing it to break apart, become absorbed into the body, and be excreted through the body&aposs natural immune system."

Hopefully, Hyland will consider sharing the results of her removal with fans - and invite us along for any additional documentation of the process.

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