Ron Perlman Challenges Ted Cruz to $50,000 Fight in Support of Black Lives Matter


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Ron Perlman wants to beat up Ted Cruz for a good cause. The "Hellboy" actor has challenged the Texas senator to a fight and has offered to donate $50,000 in support of Black Lives Matter should Cruz agree to the match. The fisticuffs challenge is the result of a Twitter feud that broke out over the weekend between Perlman and politician Matt Gaetz, an ardent Trump supporter who is the U.S. representative for Florida's first congressional district.

Gaetz criticized U.S. soccer teams for repealing a policy which requires athletes to stand during the national anthem, prompting Perlman to tweet, "The U.S. Soccer team called and you guessed it…[they] said they couldn't give any less of a fuck about what you two dipshits think." The actor was referring to Trump and Gaetz. The latter replied by calling Perlman a "racial justice warrior who had no problem in Hollywood portraying the White Supremacist leader of a motorcycle gang," referring to the actor's run on "Sons of Anarchy."

Ted Cruz weighed in after Perlman told Gaetz that he is the second "ugliest politician walking" after Ohio representative Jim Jordan. The senator wrote to Perlman: "Listen, Hellboy. You talk good game when you've got Hollywood makeup & stuntmen. But I'll bet $10k - to the nonpolitical charity of your choice - that you couldn't last five minutes in the wrestling ring w with Jim Jordan without getting pinned. You up for it? Or does your publicist say too risky?"

"Wait, is this [the] Ted Cruz?" Perlman responded. "Holy shit man! Is this the same guy let little Donnie call his wife a dog and his father an assassin and now kisses his ass? Yo, can I get your autograph man?"

"I tell you what Teddy boy, since mentioning Jim Jordan and wrestling is problematic, why don't we say fuck him and just make it you and me," Perlman added. "I'll give 50k to Black Lives Matter and you can keep all the tax payer money you were thinking of spending."

Cruz responded to Perlman's fight challenge by writing, "I get it, you're rich. But, apparently, soft. You sure seem scared to wrestle Jordan (whom you keep insulting). Can't take the heat? Need to get a manicure?"

Perlman isn't afraid to get dirty when it's required (see his infamous handshake with Harvey Weinstein), so Cruz might want to watch his back. The actor most recently starred in the action film "Clover" and is set to reunite with his "Hellboy" director Guillermo del Toro on "Nightmare Alley."

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