Rep. Collins: Democrats' 'un-American' impeachment inquiry will backfire

Rep. Collins: Democrats\
Rep. Collins: Democrats\' \'un-American\' impeachment inquiry will backfire  

House Judiciary Committee top Republican Rep. Doug Collins says Democrats are conducing a 'partisan witch hunt' behind closed doors.


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Democrats' wins could help bring down Confederate statues
  • US
  • 2019-11-12 15:33:24Z

An army of Confederate monuments dots Virginia's landscape but some of those statues could soon start coming down after Election Day gave Democrats control of the General Assembly for the first time in decades. Previous attempts to do so were quickly dispatched in the Republican-controlled General Assembly, in votes largely along party lines. It's the right to decide what we celebrate," said Del.-elect Sally Hudson, a Democrat whose district includes Charlottesville.

After Baseless Trump Claim About Transcripts, Lawyer Says Sondland
After Baseless Trump Claim About Transcripts, Lawyer Says Sondland's Is Fine

President Donald Trump accused Democrats on Monday of scheming to alter witnesses' transcripts from the impeachment inquiry, but a lawyer for a key witness said his client's transcript looks fine. Robert Luskin, who represents Ambassador Gordon Sondland, a key witness and a Trump administration political appointee, said his client's testimony hadn't been altered. "No reason to believe that the transcript was altered, and the clarification was released in the form that it was submitted," Luskin emailed The Daily Beast on Monday morning. Lee Wolosky, a lawyer for ex-Senior Director for Russian and Eurasian Affairs Fiona Hill, confirmed his client's testimony was unaltered. "We have seen...

As Trump fumes, public impeachment hearings set to grab spotlight
As Trump fumes, public impeachment hearings set to grab spotlight
  • US
  • 2019-11-11 11:06:24Z

This week will mark a new and unparalleled chapter in Donald Trump's tumultuous presidency, as the Democratic-led impeachment probe goes public with televised hearings into allegations about Trump's dealings with Ukraine. Beginning on Wednesday, three witnesses will publicly detail their concerns, previously expressed behind closed doors, that the Trump administration sought to tie military aid to Ukraine to an investigation of the Republican president's potential Democratic rival for the presidency, Joe Biden. The testimony will be carried by major broadcast and cable networks and is expected to be viewed by millions, who will watch current and former officials from Trump's own...

Impeachment Agitates Partisan Passions
Impeachment Agitates Partisan Passions

The House of Representatives voted 232-196 to make its impeachment proceedings against President Trump official and open rather than formal and closed. Evolving from circus to soap opera might be a marginal improvement. Regardless, Roll Call No. 604 was pure, raw, Democratic hyper-partisanship.On October 31, 231 Yeas came from Democrats and one independent. The Nays included two Democrats and 194 Republicans. Exactly 0 percent of the House members in President Trump's party voted to initiate his impeachment.This action completely lacked the bipartisanship of the votes to launch the impeachments of presidents Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon.In Roll Call No. 498, on October 8, 1998, the...

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