Recommended Reading: The phone-monitoring 'shameware' apps used by churches


The ungodly surveillance of anti-porn 'shameware' apps

Dhruv Mehrotra, Wired

Some churches ask congregants to install activity-tracking apps on their phones in the name of accountability. Many churchgoers aren't aware some software monitors a lot more than internet history. Some even take screenshots every minute before sending them to an "accountability partner." When asked about the apps, Google told Wired two of the most popular ones violate its policies.

Trump's 'big lie' fueled a new generation of social media influencers

Elizabeth Dwoskin and Jeremy B. Merrill, The Washington Post

Following the 2020 election, a wave of new influencers burst on the scene, amassing big follower counts by echoing former President Donald Trump's claims of election fraud.

The dark side of frictionless technology

Charlie Warzel, The Atlantic

"There is a fundamental tension in the tech industry between the desire to build at all costs, because building is a universal virtue, and the less flashy value system of maintaining structures that already exist so that they may flourish," Warzel writes in his Galaxy Brain newsletter.


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Leaders haven't issued "hardcore" edicts like Musk's, but Big Tech CEOs have warned workers all year that they need to work harder or risk their jobs.

Google uses 30th anniversary of SMS texting to pressure Apple over
Google uses 30th anniversary of SMS texting to pressure Apple over 'green vs. blue bubble' texting, says iPhones are 'stuck in the 1990s'

Google has repeatedly called out Apple for not adopting the Rich Communications Services texting standard over SMS, which was invented in the 1990s.

Clinton Thompson trial for 2012 killing delayed
Clinton Thompson trial for 2012 killing delayed
  • US
  • 2022-12-02 20:44:17Z

The trial date for a Wichita Falls man accused of murdering Rocky Buckley 10 years ago has been delayed.

Australia says law making Facebook and Google pay for news has worked
Australia says law making Facebook and Google pay for news has worked
  • US
  • 2022-12-02 04:30:33Z

An Australian law giving the government power to make internet giants Facebook owner Meta Platforms and Alphabet Inc's Google negotiate content supply deals ...

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  • As anyone who has ever had to stay late on a school night can attest, the prospect of missing an important call with your child's teacher can be heartbreaking. Just ask the parents in the small town of Conyers, who were shocked when they learned that an app on their children's smartphones was helping their churches spy on them. A new breed of app that is being used by churches and Christian organisations to monitor the activity of their congregants has been discovered. The apps, which are marketed as being able to send prayers to users, are actually fairly sinister.


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