Police: Woman stole diamond ring, swapped it for one worth $28K at New Jersey Costco


Police in New Jersey have arrested a woman they say stole a diamond ring worth $2,000 and then swapped it out at Costco for one worth $28,000.


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  • velvetjobs review
    (2019-09-20 06:30:12Z)

    Thieves and criminals should be punished according to the law and justice because they don't have any respect for people and their hard work to earn money. I am inspired by the police of New Jersey, they are quite active at this job. Thank you for your post.

  • https://www.certsofficial.com/CompTIA/220-1002-questions.html" title="maergko445">maergko445
    (2019-11-04 09:41:39Z)

    Hoodlums and crooks ought to be rebuffed by the law and equity since they don't have any regard for individuals and their diligent work to procure cash. I am roused by the police of New Jersey, they are very dynamic at this particular employment. Many thanks to you for your post.


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