Photos of the 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

New tires and aerodynamic and chassis adjustments polish Ford's already fierce performance coupe.

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Ford presents home-delivery robot
Ford presents home-delivery robot

The American automaker Ford has unveiled "Digit," a two-legged, almost human-like robot capable of making home deliveries. Designed in collaboration with Agility Robotics, Digit can walk, go up and down stairs, and carry packages of up to 40 pounds (just over 18kg), like a human. Ford's technology, research and development department is full of surprises.

Ford's demo of a robot working in unison with a self-driving car is a wild glimpse into the future

If you're skeptical of or put off by the idea of self-driving cars, then there's a good chance you won't be a fan of Ford's intriguing research project designed to have robots get out of self-driving cars and deliver packages right to your door.Over the past few months, Ford and Agility Robotics have been working on a new initiative designed to assess how intelligent robots and self-driving cars can work in unison to more efficiently deliver items like groceries, packages, and even pizza, straight to your door. The impetus behind the idea certainly makes sense insofar that a self-driving can only bring an ordered item to a nearby curb. And sure, a human could come out and pick up a given...

Meet 'Digit', the walking robot for Ford self-driving vans

The United States' second largest carmaker has been moving steadily on the development of full-service autonomous driving vans which it could potentially license out to companies ranging from Domino's Pizza to Lyft or Target. It launched a self-driving pilot with delivery partners including Domino's in Miami last year, and it said it was working on the best way to integrate Agility's two-legged robot, Digit, into future vans. Digit is capable of lifting packages that weigh up to 40 pounds, can walk up and down stairs and through uneven terrain, while maintaining its balance after being bumped, Ford said.

Ford teams up with Agility Robotics to create a delivery bot
Ford teams up with Agility Robotics to create a delivery bot

A walking robot is part of Ford's vision for how its autonomous vehicles deliver packages and goods in the future. The robot known as Digit, designed and built by Agility Robotics, walks upright on two legs, goes up and down stairs and can carry packages weighing up to 40 pounds.

Watch Ford
Watch Ford's two-legged robot walk packages to your door

When the self-driving delivery vans finally arrive, it's going to be a challenge getting packages from the vehicle to the doorstep. That's where Ford's partnership with Digit - a bipedal robot from Agility Robotics - comes in handy. The main problem is that watching a two-legged robot like Digit can be creepy and disconcerting, especially when it awkwardly walks on its creature-like legs and then bends over - or when it sneakily unfolds itself from the back of the delivery van.Ford plans to use Digit to carry packages up to 40 pounds when humans aren't around to help grab deliveries from the back of a truck or van. Digit can walk up and down stairs, navigate around obstacles in its path,...

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