Nov. 8 Highlights: Pelosi calls for Trump's resignation or face impeachment, Twitter bans him

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  • 2021-01-09 13:58:17Z
  • By NBC News

Democratic leaders in Congress will move on newly drafted articles of impeachment as soon as next week against President Donald Trump if he doesn't first resign, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

The news comes as Pelosi, D-Calif., reiterated her and presumptive Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's, D-N.Y., demand in a letter to her caucus Friday afternoon that Vice President Mike Pence invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office before President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration.

Pelosi also said she spoke to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley on Friday morning about preventing Trump from launching a nuclear strike. "The situation of this unhinged president could not be more dangerous, and we must do everything that we can to protect the American people from his unbalanced assault on our country and our democracy," she wrote.

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Read the highlights:

- Twitter permanently suspends Trump's personal account.

- Read the full text of draft of new articles of impeachment against Trump.

- Trump says he won't attend Biden's inauguration.

- Clyburn says House should make Trump only president to be impeached twice.

- No evidence of antifa involvement in Capitol mob, FBI says.

- Troubled by Capitol riot, Cabinet officials DeVos, Chao resign.


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