MS-13 gang members indicted after 'medieval-style' killing spree in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES - Federal racketeering, murder and other charges were filed against 22 suspected MS-13 gang members who law enforcement officials believe are linked to a series of grisly killings involving baseball bats, machetes and other tools of "medieval-style" violence, authorities said Tuesday.

Nineteen of those indicted are considered illegal immigrants, and most of the group's members arrived in the U.S. in the past four years from Central America. All but two are under the age of 24, Nicola Hanna, the U.S. Attorney for Los Angeles, announced at a news conference. Most, he added, participated in the "killing spree."

The arrests - the last came over the weekend - capped a two-year investigation. While President Donald Trump has singled out MS-13 as a threat to public safety in the making the case for tighter security along the Mexican border, Hanna said the defendants mostly preyed upon other recent immigrants who they believed were rivals.

MS-13 "has been named as one of the top five transnational threats to the U.S.," Hanna said. "MS-13 has spread like a cancer ... throughout the U.S."

Those arrested were all part of the so-called Fulton clique of MS-13, one of the most violent of about 20 factions of MS-13 operating in the Los Angeles area, Hanna said. The clique operated primarily in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley.

The indictment cites seven instances in which members abducted victims to kill them, in some cases beating them to death with baseball bats or stabbing them to death.

In one of the most horrific allegations, several are accused of luring a perceived rival gang member who they believed to have defaced MS-13 graffiti to the forest outside Los Angeles and killed him with a machete. They dismembered his body and cut out his heart before dumping the remains into a canyon, authorities said.

The case "centers on murders and medieval-style violence," said Paul Delacourt, assistant director in charge of the FBI's Los Angeles office. Until the spree began, "we haven't seen this level of violence associated with MS-13 in Southern California."

The FBI conducted the investigation in conjunction with Los Angeles police, county sheriff's department and the district attorney's office.

Hanna said this is only the latest action against MS-13, which engages in extortion and drug dealing, among other activities. He has said his office targeted 34 members of the group's leadership for indictments.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: MS-13 gang members indicted after 'medieval-style' killing spree in LA


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    What's happening behind the scenes at the sites and apps you know and . Different studies offer varying assessments of how many people use dating sites and apps, but what we can say with certainty is: a lot.
    Also i want to state here that I have never messaged Privetfla privately ,,,,,,,,i have never said i come to offerup to meet women,,,,,,,everyone has seen what i
    This list of top dating sites includes broad focus companies 25. 11 listed (or ranked) 25 on the list The Best Dating.
    Meeting 70+ singles has never been easier. Welcome to the simplest online dating site to date, flirt, or just chat with 70+ singles. It's free to register, view photos,
    With a 3 billion market size in the US, the online dating industry is dominated Others, however, predict that revenue is expected to grow 25% by 2020.With so many dating sites, it can encourage customers to try out its other sites as well.
    We've picked out the 11 best dating sitesthere really is something for They've taken 35 years of research to come up with a Relationship
    Online dating in your 40s? Which site is right for you? Here's a quick and easy guide to navigating the minefield.
    Chances are you've heard of the largest dating sites. Sites like , e Harmony, Zoosk, and okcupid all advertise on daytime and
    This is entry 73 by pjrrakesh in a crowdsourcing contest Dating Site Logo forposted on Freelancer!
    85% of American marriages are still between people of the same raceof a relationship: when a dating site user scrolling through headshots
    Best dating site. Tags: users and counting. Before selling. Background mate1. Matching and meet your asian beauty. With 20 dating 32 year old 1 million
    Online dating (or Internet dating) is a system that enables people to find and introduce J.; et al. (2012). "Online Dating : A Critical Analysis From the Perspective of Psychological Science". Psychological Science in the Public Interest. 13 (1):
    Lonli Inc Obscure Dating Sites. By Brandon Hicks. April 28th, 2019Tags: brandon hicks, Comics, dating, dating sites, lonliness.
    Free online dating and matchmaking service for singles. 3000000 Daily Active Online Dating Users.
    Shallow to even bother reading your carefully crafted online dating profile.of 84 seconds evaluating a profile, while men spent about 58 men's initial messages on online dating sites, I can always tell the
    Phoenix Contact - the innovative market leader of industrial connection technology, automation technology, electronic Interface systems and surge protection.
    Here are 11 online dating profile tips from experts in online dating to help you I've worked at the online dating site and app Zoosk for over five
    Law enforcement officials say that they used an online dating site to help capture a man accused of sexually assaulting a Philadelphia woman.
    Search. Site Search. Run Search. Win a trip of a lifetime Join Our TeamSign Up Here96FM Dating - Join FreeChoose your favourite. Call Us 021 455 1596
    2. Spring has arrived and love is definitely in the air! If you're single, you Profiles are much more in-depth than most dating sites, and if you
    - Best senior dating websites reviews and Senior Dating, Free Senior Dating Sites uploaded a video 2 years ago. 9:46.
    Here, we'll be addressing dating sites and their specific risks. Public, Personal Profile. It's hard not to have at least one personal profile somewhere online.
    The datinghookup app is gaining users at a rapid clip.52 percent of Tinder users are between 18 and 24, and 33 percent are betweengiven how dating sites like Ok Cupid let anyone contact you, upping the creep factor.
    is the premier dating and chat site in Europe. You can chat with and date a soulmate and love! Have great dates by talking directly via chat.
    The company launched a website as part of its campaign called The Dating81 percent of people on Hinge didn't find a serious relationship on the Almost all of the mobile dating apps out there use the mutual match to
    Protect your small entity, free dating sites out the best completely free to get a95 years of it-enabled services and ip address dating site no ip address your
    Arizona woman sent 159K texts to man she met on dating site Photo: Pixabay via MGN Onlinepp. PHOENIX (AP) — A Phoenix woman
    Paignton online dating for Paignton singles.and messaging more singles by registering to POF, the largest dating site in the world.Snapchat: joshhoo88.
    and Informatics, 34 (1), 67-78. doi:literature on emerging adults' use of dating websites in the past has taught us
    Start Free Dating at , the dating site that will help you findmeet singles near you for friendship, romance and longer-term relationships.
    Clothing, 99100 Code: dating sites, 18; dress codes, 99100, 132,62; i Time, 79; laptop capitalism, 88; texting, 88 Dialogue, democracy and, 36 Diamond,
    Here are the best dating sites for working professionals.3-months: month; 6-months :12-months: .
    wanted for aggravated robbery of man she met through online dating site By Amber ColeMarch 22, 2019 at 5:24 AM EDT - Updated March 22 at 5:24 AM.
    online community where Black women and Black men meet to chat, discuss and engage on what matters to us. Now with jobs, news, dating, games and photos.

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