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Boeing makes it official: 737 Max plane won
Boeing makes it official: 737 Max plane won't be back until summer. Could it be later?

Airlines have already moved the 737 Max back in their schedules. Boeing makes it official: The planes will miss at least part of the summer travel season.

Senators can only drink water or milk during the impeachment trial
Senators can only drink water or milk during the impeachment trial

The just-starting Senate impeachment trial of President Trump has resurfaced reminders of what isn't allowed in the room where it happens: talking, electronics, questions from the press, among other things. And while it's true that coffee and other non-water drinks are always barred from the Senate floor, Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) has just generously reminded us that another liquid will be available for slurping come trial time.> Sen. Rick Scott tells me the rules only allow senators to drink water and milk on the Senate floor during the impeachment trial> > -- Matt Laslo (@MattLaslo) January 21, 2020Yes, because one senator desperately needed a dose of dairy back in 1966, milk is...

Hillary Clinton Claims
Hillary Clinton Claims 'Nobody Likes' Sanders: 'He Was a Career Politician'

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton heavily criticized Senator Bernie Sanders's campaign in an interview released Tuesday, and said she's "not going to go there yet" when asked if she would endorse the Vermont Senator in the general election.Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the release of a docu-series called Hillary, Clinton confirmed that she stood by comments made about Sanders in the documentary."He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It's all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into," Clinton reportedly says.The...

Vital Hasson, the Jew who worked for the Nazis, hunted down refugees and tore apart families in WWII Greece
Vital Hasson, the Jew who worked for the Nazis, hunted down refugees and tore apart families in WWII Greece

I learned a lesson when conducting research for my recently published book, "Family Papers: a Sephardic Journey Through the Twentieth Century." I had discovered the story of a young Jewish man forgotten to history until now, a story that taught me that neither cultural affiliation nor family history is a reliable predictor of future behavior. In short, identity is not destiny, and all of us can fall prey to the tides of history. Vital Hasson was a native of Thessaloniki, Greece, a cultural capital of the Sephardic Jewish world and a city that once boasted a majority Jewish population, who knew their home as Salonica. He came from an educated, middle-class family of journalists, writers,...

Climate-Neutral Goal in Europe Heads for Government Vote in June
Climate-Neutral Goal in Europe Heads for Government Vote in June

(Bloomberg) -- Want the lowdown on European markets? In your inbox before the open, every day. Sign up here.The European Union's goal to become the first climate-neutral continent is headed for a major test in June, when national governments may be asked to vote on a law that would make binding the remit set out in the Green Deal.Croatia, which is chairing meetings of the EU member states in the first half of 2020, wants to discuss the details of the planned law in the coming months and seek a common stance before its presidency ends, according to the country's Environment and Energy Minister Tomislav Coric. The law is currently being drafted by the European Commission, the EU's...

China's former Interpol chief sentenced to 13 years in prison

Former Interpol chief Meng Hongwei, who was detained on a visit to China in 2018, was sentenced Tuesday to more than 13 years in prison for bribery in a case that shook the international police organisation. Meng -- a former vice minister of public security -- is among a growing group of Communist Party cadres caught in President Xi Jinping's anti-graft campaign, which critics say has also served as a way to remove the leader's political enemies.

MS-13 inmates sent to restricted unit after prison stabbing

The federal Bureau of Prisons is moving some MS-13 gang members in its custody into more restricted housing at certain high-security facilities across the U.S. after a gang stabbing in a Virginia prison, two people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press on Saturday. A brawl broke out Wednesday at the prison known as USP Lee between the MS-13 leader and a fellow inmate associated with the Mexican Mafia, and the gang member was stabbed, the people said. The Bureau of Prisons said in a statement that the inmate was injured but survived the attack.

What you need to know about the Microsoft Windows 10 patch
What you need to know about the Microsoft Windows 10 patch

Microsoft has released a patch for a Windows 10 vulnerability that could expose you to breaches or surveillance, the National Security Agency says.

Taal Volcano in the Philippines Has a History of Deadly Eruptions. Here
Taal Volcano in the Philippines Has a History of Deadly Eruptions. Here's What Could Happen Next

The eruption sending a plume ash and steam half a mile into the sky on Tuesday

Impeachment trial: The six Republican senators Trump and McConnell should worry about
Impeachment trial: The six Republican senators Trump and McConnell should worry about

Historic Trump impeachment calls for a new chapter in 'Profiles in Courage.' From Alexander and Collins to Murkowski and Romney, 6 possible authors.

Dem-Turned-Republican Jeff Van Drew
Dem-Turned-Republican Jeff Van Drew's Former Campaign Manager Joins His Dem Challenger

The former campaign manager of New Jersey republican Jeff Van Drew, who switched parties over impeachment, has signed on to be the campaign manager for Van Drew's Democratic challenger Amy Kennedy.New Jersey local Joshua Roesch said in a statement that despite Van Drew's initial appeal and his track record as a Democrat, the party switch had "betrayed those ideals and everything I thought we were working for.""I wanted to work for the person who I thought would best represent the district I grew up in. I know Amy Kennedy's that candidate because she's dedicated to serving people in our community and doing what's right," Roesch continued. "Amy Kennedy won't turn her back on South Jersey...

Niger sacks army chief after deadliest attacks in years
Niger sacks army chief after deadliest attacks in years

Nigerien President Mahamadou Issoufou has replaced the head of the army after two of the country's deadliest attacks in living memory killed at least 160 soldiers and prompted a rethink in the battle against jihadist groups, the government said. Ahmed Mohamed led the army for over two years, a period marked by a steep rise in attacks by militants linked to Islamic State and al Qaeda that culminated in a daytime raid on a remote army base on Thursday that killed at least 89 soldiers.

French strikes rumble on as PM vows to
French strikes rumble on as PM vows to 'go to end'

Paris commuters battled to reach work again on Monday as a 40-day-old strike dragged on and France's premier vowed "to go to the end" with the pension reforms that sparked the action. There was still major disruption on the Paris metro and the national railway system, even after Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced a major concession to unions at the weekend. "We are going to go to the end" in implementing the pension reforms, Philippe said on France 2 television late Sunday.

TSMC Hires Ex-Intel Lobbyist to Deal With U.S.-China Tensions
TSMC Hires Ex-Intel Lobbyist to Deal With U.S.-China Tensions

(Bloomberg) -- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., a major chipmaker to Apple Inc. and Huawei Technologies Co., has recruited rival Intel Corp.'s former top lobbyist Peter Cleveland to spearhead an unprecedented effort in Washington to mitigate impact from U.S.-Chinese trade tensions.The world's biggest contract chipmaker joins a growing number of companies with Chinese business interests that are stepping up U.S. lobbying, aiming to gauge and lessen the fallout from Washington's ongoing dispute with Beijing. The Taiwanese company indicated in July it was considering starting government relations operations in the U.S.Cleveland, who headed Intel's lobbying effort for over a decade,...

Puerto Ricans hoping Trump signs major disaster declaration
Puerto Ricans hoping Trump signs major disaster declaration

Four thousand people are still in shelters and many others are sleeping outside after yet another earthquake on Saturday.

Rumbling volcano shuts down Philippine capital
Rumbling volcano shuts down Philippine capital

Schools and businesses shut across the Philippine capital on Monday as a volcano belched clouds of ash across the city and seismologists warned an eruption could happen at any time, potentially triggering a tsunami. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes around Taal, one of the world's smallest active volcanoes, which spewed ash for a second day from its crater in the middle of a lake about 70 km (45 miles) south of central Manila. "The speed of escalation of Taal's volcanic activity caught us by surprise," Maria Antonia Bornas, chief science research specialist at the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, told reporters.

Constant Warfare Once Exhausted the Chinese Army
Constant Warfare Once Exhausted the Chinese Army

Will it do it again?

With nothing to lose, loners build future in China
With nothing to lose, loners build future in China's hollowed-out north

Li Hai is a nobody in China. Resource-rich cities like Hegang in Heilongjiang province helped power China's economic miracle. With China's economic growth at a 30-year nadir and living costs chronically high, cheap homes in hollowed-out cities are pulling a small tribe of frugal and independent-minded millennials to Heilongjiang.

Pentagon chief says no specific evidence Iran was plotting to attack four U.S. embassies
Pentagon chief says no specific evidence Iran was plotting to attack four U.S. embassies

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Sunday said he did not see specific evidence from intelligence officials that Iran was planning to attack four U.S. embassies, an assertion made by President Donald Trump in justifying the killing of Iran's top general. While Esper said he agreed with Trump that additional attacks against U.S. embassies were likely, he said on CBS's "Face the Nation" that Trump's remarks to Fox News were not based on specific evidence on an attack on four embassies.

Here's Why George Patton Sent American Bombers To Attack A Hawaiian Volcano

A crazy plan.

The U.S. Army Just Picked Its First Robotic Fighting Vehicles
The U.S. Army Just Picked Its First Robotic Fighting Vehicles

The Army's Combat Capabilities Development Command plans to award a contract to QinetiQ North America to build four Robotic Combat Vehicle-Light prototypes and another contract to Textron to build four Robotic Combat Vehicle-Medium prototypes, all for initial tests that will take place in late 2021.

China says world should stick to
China says world should stick to 'One China' after Tsai win

China said Sunday that the world should abide by the idea that there is only one China, ruled by the Communist Party, after Taiwan reelected its democratic leader. "We hope and believe that the international community will continue adhering to the One China principle, understand and support the just cause of Chinese people to oppose the secessionist activities for 'Taiwan independence' and realize national reunification," said a statement from Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen of the Democratic Progressive Party won in a landslide Saturday against pro-China Nationalist Party candidate Han Kuo-yu.

Prague mayor condemns China, unveils Taipei partnership
Prague mayor condemns China, unveils Taipei partnership

The mayor of Prague condemned China as an "unreliable partner" Sunday and told a German newspaper his city will sign a twinning agreement with Taiwan's capital Taipei. The comments by Zdenek Hrib revive an ongoing dispute between Prague and Beijing that has soured Czech-Chinese relations despite a campaign by Czech president Milan Zeman for closer ties between the two countries.

Man sentenced for accidentally killing best friend at party

An Alabama man accused of trying to cover up the accidental shooting death of his best friend at a house party was sentenced Wednesday to 14 years in prison. Fisher Corbin Shipes, 20, had initially claimed an unknown black man had shot his friend, but he later admitted to the killing and pleaded guilty

Submarines Are the Key To Israel
Submarines Are the Key To Israel's Secret Nuclear Weapons Arsenal

They're here to stay.

Trump's threat to destroy Iranian cultural sites is one of many times he's supported potential war crimes and atrocities

Trump has voiced his support for individuals charged with and even convicted of war crimes and has even proposed ordering such acts.

Former national security adviser John Bolton says he is
Former national security adviser John Bolton says he is 'prepared to testify' in Trump's impeachment trial

"I have concluded that, if the Senate issues a subpoena for my testimony, I am prepared to testify," Bolton said in a statement.

Billionaire Czech Premier Faces More Heat Over Conflict of Interest Probes

(Bloomberg) -- Want the lowdown on European markets? In your inbox before the open, every day. Sign up here.The Czech Republic's billionaire prime minister is coming under increasing pressure over allegations of conflict of interest, which last year triggered the country's biggest anti-government protests in three decades.A European Commission audit said that Andrej Babis maintained control over his chemical, farming and media business empire, which continued to receive funds from the European Union's budget after he took power in 2017, news website reported Monday, citing a person with knowledge of the findings.The audit focused on investment subsidies for agriculture...

US official dismisses
US official dismisses 'desperate' move to oust Venezuela's Guaido

A senior US official on Sunday dismissed as "desperate" a move by Venezuelan police to prevent opposition leader Juan Guaido from entering the National Assembly, where he had hoped to be voted in for a second term as speaker. Guaido's position as speaker was the justification he used in proclaiming himself the country's acting president nearly a year ago, alleging that President Nicolas Maduro's 2018 re-election was fraudulent. "The desperate actions of the former Maduro regime, illegally forcibly preventing Juan Guaido... from entering the building, make this morning's 'vote,' which lacks quorum and does not meet minimum constitutional standards, a farce," said Michael Kozak, acting...

A catastrophic crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike killed at least 5 people and injured at least 60
A catastrophic crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike killed at least 5 people and injured at least 60

Early Sunday morning, a massive pileup on the PA Turnpike involving a tour bus, two tractor trailers, and passenger vehicles killed at least 5 people.

Which States Have the Highest Fees for Electric Vehicles?
Which States Have the Highest Fees for Electric Vehicles?

Gas taxes, which fund about 30 percent of transportation spending in the U.S., don't apply to electric-vehicle owners for an obvious reason: EVs don't use gas. As the number of EVs in use rises, ...

The Navy Wants Torpedo Boats To Help Deter Iran
The Navy Wants Torpedo Boats To Help Deter Iran

Washington may need more of such warships to patrol contested waters.

Three Americans killed in al Shabaab militant attack on base in Kenya
Three Americans killed in al Shabaab militant attack on base in Kenya

NAIROBI/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Three Americans - one U.S. military servicemember and two contractors - were killed by Somalia's al Shabaab militant group during an attack on Sunday on a military base in Kenya used by both U.S. and Kenyan forces, the U.S. military said. The military's Africa Command confirmed the deaths and said two other Americans who work for the U.S. Department of Defense were also wounded in the attack on the Manda Bay Airfield in Lamu county, close to the Somali border. "The wounded Americans are currently in stable condition and being evacuated," Africa Command (AFRICOM) said in a statement.

Mexico president calls for Julian Assange to be released from UK prison
Mexico president calls for Julian Assange to be released from UK prison

Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Friday called for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to be released from prison in London, urging an end to what he described as his "torture" in detention. Assange, 48, is in a British jail for skipping bail when he sought asylum in Ecuador's embassy in London, where he spent nearly seven years to avoid extradition to Sweden over allegations of rape that were dropped in November. Assange is also battling U.S. attempts to extradite him over Wikileaks' publication of vast caches of leaked military documents and diplomatic cables.

Lebanon denies president welcomed fugitive Ghosn
Lebanon denies president welcomed fugitive Ghosn

The Lebanese presidency on Thursday denied reports that President Michel Aoun had welcomed fugitive former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn upon his arrival in the country. The French-Lebanese tycoon, who had been under house arrest in Japan over several counts of financial misconduct, escaped in mysterious circumstances and arrived in Beirut on Monday. Several media outlets reported that he had been greeted by Aoun but a senior presidency official denied the two men had met.

Floods in Indonesia capital kill 17, force thousands to flee
Floods in Indonesia capital kill 17, force thousands to flee

Severe flooding and landslides triggered by torrential rain in Indonesia's capital have killed 17 people and displaced tens of thousands, a disaster official said Thursday. Monsoon rains and rising rivers submerged at least 169 neighborhoods in greater Jakarta and caused landslides in the Bogor and Depok districts on Jakarta's outskirts, National Disaster Mitigation Agency spokesman Agus Wibowo said.

Syria regime fire kills nine in school turned shelter
Syria regime fire kills nine in school turned shelter

Land-to-land missiles fired by Syrian regime forces killed nine civilians including five children in a school in northwestern Syria on Wednesday, a war monitor said. Part of the building in the town of Sarmeen had been turned into a shelter for the displaced, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Fifteen people were wounded, Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman said.

Ghosn flight prompts talk of more curbs in Japan
Ghosn flight prompts talk of more curbs in Japan's strict justice system

Carlos Ghosn's daring flight from Japan, where he was awaiting trial on charges of financial wrongdoing, has revived global criticism of the nation's "hostage justice," but in Japan is prompting talk of reversing more lenient curbs on defendants. Japanese civil rights groups and the main bar lawyers association have long criticized a system that convicts 99.9% of criminal defendants.

China's Liu He to sign Phase 1 trade deal in U.S. this week - report

Chinese Vice Premier Liu He will visit Washington this week to sign a "Phase 1" trade deal with the United States, the South China Morning Post reported on Monday. "Washington has sent an invitation and Beijing has accepted it," the SCMP quoted a source as saying. Representatives for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the White House could not be immediately reached for comment on the report, which said the Chinese delegation was likely to stay in the United States until the middle of next week.

Arrow Series Finale Ending Explained: Inside That Diggle Reveal and Big Reunion - IGN
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-29 03:00:40

Arrow's executive producers break down the series finale's ending and that big reveal for one pivotal character in our "Fadeout" postmortem interview.

Google is working on another chat app because it hasn't failed enough already
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-29 02:46:54

I shouldn’t be surprised I’m writing this article in 2020, but Google is preparing to release another communications app. According to a report by The Information, Google’s new app – no name was provided – will bring together various parts of G Suite, including Gmail, Hangouts Chat, Hangouts Meet, and Google Drive. Here we go again. …

Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Test Starts in February - IGN
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-29 01:59:15

You can sign up now to participate in the first closed beta test for Phantasy Star Online 2 in U.S and Canada.

Byleth Now Available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch - IGN
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-29 01:32:18

Byleth, the fifth and final character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's first Fighters Pass, is now available.

Apple reports a blowout Q1 2020, but names coronavirus as a worry for the next quarter
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-29 01:05:37

The iPhone 11 led the charge in a high-growth quarter that surprised some investors.

Why BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith is moving to the New York Times
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-29 00:30:00

Digital media used to threaten the Times. Not anymore.

Destiny 2 Is Offline After Players Report Missing Currency - IGN
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-29 00:25:50

Destiny 2 servers were taken offline for emergency maintenance after a bug was discovered in the 2.7.1 update that made player currency disappear.

If the KOTOR Rumors Are True, Who's Making It? – Unlocked 428 - IGN
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-29 00:00:15

Stick around for the awesome Loot Box question on this week's episode!

Too many game stores on your computer? Here's how to get them all on Steam
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 23:58:40

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Last year Epic Games launched its store ...

U.S. files lawsuits over robocall scams, cites 'massive financial losses'
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 23:23:56

The U.S. government on Tuesday sued five U.S. companies and three individuals, alleging they were behind hundreds of millions of fraudulent robocalls that scammed elderly Americans and others into "massive financial losses."

Apple is limiting China travel and has closed one retail store due to coronavirus outbreak
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 23:21:01

Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Tuesday that the company began limiting employee travel to China last week amid the coronavirus out break, and that Apple has closed one store in mainland China and reduced operating hours for other retail locations.

NASA’s next big space observatory will likely miss its target launch date — again
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 23:08:37

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope probably won’t launch in March 2021, according to a new GAO report. Unforeseen technical problems are prolonging the process of finishing up the telescope, making it increasingly likely that the spacecraft will have to launch at a later date.

Dying Light: Bad Blood is now free to anyone who owns original PC game
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 23:01:32

Dying Light: Bad Blood, the standalone battle royale take on Techland’s zombie survival horror game, is now free to anyone who owns 2015 zombie combat game Dying Light.

Apple to start online sales in India in Q3 this year
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 23:00:54

Apple’s much-awaited online store in India will be operational starting Q3 this year, a little longer than previously expected, a source familiar with the matter told TechCrunch. The iPhone-maker said in August last year that it was “eager to serve [customers of India] online and in-store wit…

Apple releases iOS 13.3.1 and macOS Catalina 10.15.3
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 22:55:56

The updates give users the ability to disable ultra-wide band on new iPhones.

Facebook’s new tool will tell you how it knows so much about you
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 22:50:00

The “Off-Facebook Activity” tool lets you see — and somewhat control — what other sites and apps tell Facebook about you

Report: Resident Evil 8 Will Also be First-Person - IGN
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 22:46:35

Resident Evil 8 could also be in the first-person perspective, according to reports.

London to deploy live facial recognition to find wanted faces in a crowd
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 22:39:48

Tech from NEC aimed at spotting wanted persons on the streets to alert officers.

Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg is stepping down
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 22:35:23

Match Group, home to Tinder, Match, OKCupid, PoF, and a host of other online dating apps, announced today that CEO Mandy Ginsberg would be stepping down from her position after 14 years with the company. She’s served in the CEO role since her appointment in 2017. Related to this, Ginsberg wil…

Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Terminator event detailed
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 22:22:54

Ubisoft is bringing the Terminator to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint as part of a free live event coming on Jan. 29.

Study of YouTube comments finds evidence of radicalization effect
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 22:21:13

Research presented at the ACM FAT 2020 conference in Barcelona today supports the notion that YouTube’s platform is playing a role in radicalizing users via exposure to far-right ideologies. The study, carried out by researchers at Switzerland’s Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne …

Amazon’s Ring app shares loads of your personal info, report finds
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 22:10:32

Ring isn't the only company getting a ton of info about you and your setup.

All The Changes Coming to Apex Legends Season 4 - IGN
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 22:02:44

Ranked updates, a new Legend (or two), lore, and more!

Product Hunt launches beta of YourStack, a home for your favorite things
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 21:55:51

The team behind Product Hunt is launching a new social network called YourStack, a platform aiming to connect people that are passionate about products and help them discover what things their friends love. “It’s super simple, you just search through and create a stack of products you l…

Apple reports a record $12.7B in services revenue
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 21:48:44

Apple’s increasing focus on its services business seems to be paying off, with the company reporting a record $12.7 billion in services net sales during the first quarter of its fiscal year — a year-over-year increase of roughly 17%. Services includes existing offerings like iCloud and Apple …

Apple’s iPhone 11 and AirPods help company hit a new revenue record
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 21:40:56

Apple released its Q1 2020 earnings on Tuesday, boasting of strong sales for the iPhone 11 and AirPods. The company’s services business also continued its impressive climb.

Iran’s favorite ride-sharing app was secretly available on the App Store
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 21:37:30

In 2017, after a round of US sanctions were placed against the country, Apple removed several Iranian apps from its App Store to stay in compliance. But one made an unexpected return.

Apple shares rise after company reports better-than-expected revenue of $91.8B
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 21:35:17

Today after the bell, Apple reported the results of the first quarter of its fiscal 2020. The company’s revenue totaled $91.8 billion, far ahead of expectations of $88.43 billion. At the same time, the company’s per-share profit of $4.99 per share was greater the market-anticipated figu…

Toothless: Facebook proposes a weak Oversight Board
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 21:33:23

Facebook’s internal “Supreme Court” can’t set precedents, can’t make decisions about Facebook Dating or Marketplace, and can’t oversee WhatsApp, Oculus, or any messaging feature, according to the bylaws Facebook proposed today for its Oversight Board. It’s …

Essential advice for securing your small startup
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 21:09:11

Jeff Bezos’ phone was hacked. And if the richest person in the world is vulnerable, chances are good that your startup could get hacked, too. The good news is that, as a tiny company, you’re not a big target. But as soon as you hire your first employee, it’s time to think about adopting basic [&hel…

Samsung Galaxy Z flip gets official renders, full spec sheet
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 21:01:58

It has last year's Snapdragon chip and a glass cover.

A Christian-friendly payments processor spilled 6 million transaction records online
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 21:00:35

Exclusive: The database was left online without a password.

Five reasons you (really) don’t want to miss TechCrunch’s AI and Robotics show on March 3
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 21:00:03

TechCrunch’s fourth Robotics and AI show is coming up on March 3 at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall. If past experience is any guide, the show is sure to draw a big crowd (cheap student rates here!) but there’s still time to grab a pass. If you’re wondering why you want to take a day out […]

Doctor Who: Jo Martin's Character and That Surprise Cameo Explained - IGN
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 20:51:09

Learn about Ruth Clayon, Doctor Who's new mystery character! Also: Let's delve further into this season's surprising arc as well as this week's big cameo.

Amazon faces employee revolt over slow climate action
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 20:49:59

Employees are defying a company ban on talking publicly about Amazon practices.

Quantum cognition theory explains why humans make stupid decisions
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 20:44:48

Scientists from the University of Science and Technology in China have a quantum physics-based answer to the ultimate question: If humans are so smart, why do we all make so many stupid ...

Here’s the latest on the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 20:35:19

Case counts are jumping quickly as the outbreak continues and testing increases.

Destiny 2 data mine suggests the return of Trials of Osiris in March
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 20:15:24

With patch 2.7.1, Bungie added new items to Destiny 2’s database. Data miners found text that seems to confirm the return of the Trials of Osiris mode from the original Destiny, and a rework of Destiny 2’s Trials of the Nine.

Daily Deals: Score an Xbox One X for $251 or Elite Series 2 Controller for $131 at Amazon Warehouse - IGN
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 20:13:04

Lion King Launches on Disney+, iPads and Apple Watches on Sale, Killer 4K TV for the Big Game

A hack stole money from me, but you can protect yourself
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 20:10:00

Here are three simple ways to protect yourself from common hacks.

Up to 30% Off Monitors from Acer, Scepter, and More at Amazon, Today Only - IGN
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 20:01:02

Save on Acer Predator, Nitro, and many more monitors in today's Amazon Gold Box deal.

Modified HoloLens helps teach kids with vision impairment to navigate the social world
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 19:59:09

Growing up with blindness or low vision can be difficult for kids, not just because they can’t read the same books or play the same games as their sighted peers; Vision is also a big part of social interaction and conversation. This Microsoft research project uses augmented reality to help ki…

BoJack Horseman’s finale signals the end of a Netflix era
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 19:36:26

BoJack Horseman, one of Netflix’s oldest original series, will come to an end with the season 6 finale on January 31st. The show is one of Netflix’s best, but belongs to an era that doesn’t exist anymore.

A line of Atari-branded gaming hotels are on their way to US cities
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 19:33:58

In this week's unexpected-but-completely welcome bizarre news, Atari -- yes, that Atari, children of the 80s -- is putting its name on a line of gaming-themed hotels. I don't know ...

To contain disease outbreaks, health officials rely on people’s trust
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 19:30:30

China concealed the extent of the SARS outbreak, which may make people less likely to trust officials during the new outbreak. That may hurt containment efforts.

Destiny 2 servers are not available, Bungie does emergency maintenance
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 19:18:20

Shortly after Bungie launched the 2.7.1 patch for Destiny 2, the studio took the game back offline for emergency maintenance. It seems the patch accidentally removed some items from players’ inventories

Google Stadia Pro subscriber free games for February 2020 announced
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 19:14:05

Google Stadia owners with Stadia Pro subscriptions will be able to download two games in February: horror-shooter Metro Exodus and indie adventure Gylt.

Pokemon HOME - Pokemon Sword and Shield Wiki Guide - IGN
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 19:11:11

This page includes information about Pokemon HOME, from compatible games and platforms to the release date and how it

Dealmaster: Amazon’s whole Fire TV streamer lineup is on sale for the Super Bowl
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 19:10:43

Plus deals on the Nvidia Shield, AMD Ryzen chips, the Google Pixel 3a, and more.

Smartphone sales expected to get a slight bump in 2020
  • Tech
  • 2020-01-28 19:00:57

Last year saw global smartphone sales decline for the first time since analysts started tracking such things. In Gartner’s case, that comprises a full 11 years, as figures dropped 2% for 2019. Following on last week’s global device forecast, the firm is drilling down on smartphone figures with some…

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