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Supreme Court puts curbside voting on hold in Alabama
Supreme Court puts curbside voting on hold in Alabama

The Supreme Court on Wednesday put on hold a lower court order that would have permitted curbside voting in Alabama in November. The justices' vote was 5-3, with the court's three liberals dissenting. As is typical when the Supreme Court acts on an emergency basis, the justices in the majority did not explain their decision.

Obama skewers Trump as former president hits campaign trail
Obama skewers Trump as former president hits campaign trail

"Donald Trump isn't suddenly going to protect all of us," Obama said in a Philadelphia appearance.

'There's just not any discipline': GOP chafes at Trump's closing pitch

The Republican Senate majority is imperiled, and the president is tweeting about 50 Cent.

Fact check: Tax returns show Biden amassed wealth since 2017 through speeches and books
Fact check: Tax returns show Biden amassed wealth since 2017 through speeches and books

Joe Biden has amassed a fortune since 2017 but this is not uncommon. Many politicians get rich after leaving the White House.

Rudy Giuliani Claims Borat
Rudy Giuliani Claims Borat 'Hit Job' Is Retaliation for Hunter Biden Attack

Rudy Giuliani issued his first public defense after details emerged from his big cameo appearance in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. While it may look like he was touching himself inappropriately with his hands down his pants in a hotel room alongside an actress posing as a reporter, he swore that he was actually just tucking in his shirt."I had to take off the electronic equipment," Giuliani said in a radio interview on Wednesday. "And when the electronic equipment came off, some of it was in the back and my shirt came a little out, although my clothes were entirely on. I leaned back, and I tucked my shirt in, and at that point, at that point, they have this picture they take which looks...

Senate Democrats block slimmed-down GOP coronavirus bill
Senate Democrats block slimmed-down GOP coronavirus bill

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are continuing negotiations over a larger package.

Polls show Biden and Trump deadlocked in Texas, Biden up by 8 in Pennsylvania
Polls show Biden and Trump deadlocked in Texas, Biden up by 8 in Pennsylvania

The Quinnipiac survey in Texas shows the candidates tied at 47 percent, after Biden closed a 5-point gap since late September.

David Perdue
David Perdue's Race Was Under the Radar. Then He Opened His Mouth.

When Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) theatrically mocked Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris' first name at a rally in front of President Donald Trump and a fired-up crowd last week, it reminded a national audience that there is, in fact, another heated U.S. Senate contest in the battleground state of Georgia.And that race might be just as intense as the Shakespearean blood feud unfolding between Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA)-and, at the very least, just as pivotal to the larger battle over control of the U.S. Senate next year.The contest between Perdue, a first-term Republican, and Jon Ossoff, a Democrat who in 2017 ran and lost in the first blockbuster...

A Biden Landslide? Some Democrats Can
A Biden Landslide? Some Democrats Can't Help but Whisper

MACON, Ga. -- President Donald Trump held a rally in Georgia on Friday, 18 days before the November general election. It wasn't a good sign for him.That Trump is still campaigning in what should be a safely Republican state -- and in others that should be solidly in his column like Iowa and Ohio -- is evidence to many Democrats that Joe Biden's polling lead in the presidential race is solid and durable. Trump spent Monday in Arizona, too, a state that was once reliably Republican but where his unpopularity has helped make Biden competitive.For some Democrats, Trump's attention to red states is also a sign of something else -- something few in the party want to discuss out loud, given...

Around Atlanta, Many White Suburbanites Are Sticking With Trump
Around Atlanta, Many White Suburbanites Are Sticking With Trump

Natalie Pontius is an interior decorator, married, with two children, and is a University of Georgia alumna. She was born and raised in Atlanta but moved to the city's exurbs with her family several years ago, drawn to the region's quality of public education. In November, she's voting for Donald Trump.The decision was a no-brainer."The riots, the push to defund the police -- that's not the direction our country needs to go," Pontius, 48, said. "I feel like the Democratic Party is continually trying to come up with ways to divide us."She believes that Trump, on the other hand, "is looking out for me as a person."National polling has consistently shown that white college-educated voters...

How the FDA Stood Up to the President
How the FDA Stood Up to the President

On Sept. 23, Dr. Stephen M. Hahn left a virtual meeting of the White House's coronavirus task force to take a call from the president's chief of staff, Mark Meadows.Meadows was angry with Hahn, head of the Food and Drug Administration, for pushing new guidelines for vaccine developers, according to two senior administration officials familiar with the call who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it. The FDA wanted to require two months of follow-up data to make sure a vaccine was safe and effective, all but ensuring one would not be ready by Election Day as President Donald Trump had promised.Meadows told the commissioner the White House would not sign off on...

The Trump campaign is burning through its finances and isn
The Trump campaign is burning through its finances and isn't raising enough money to make up for it

President Trump's campaign had $63.1 million left after September - three times less than what Democratic rival Joe Biden had, new FEC filings show.

Trump looks for foreign policy wins ahead of election
Trump looks for foreign policy wins ahead of election

The administration is trying to rescue an arms control deal with Russia and secure the release of Americans held in Syria.

After keeping low profile on campaign trail, Obama makes debut for Biden
After keeping low profile on campaign trail, Obama makes debut for Biden

Obama, who served eight years in office with Biden as his vice president, will urge supporters to vote early for Biden and other Democratic candidates in the general election at an outdoor drive-in rally in Pennsylvania's biggest city, Philadelphia, an aide to the former president said. The rare public appearance by Obama, a frequent target for Trump's attacks and still one of the Democratic Party's biggest stars nearly four years after leaving the White House, comes at a critical time.

Trump campaign trailing behind Biden in funding, weeks before Election Day, new filings show
Trump campaign trailing behind Biden in funding, weeks before Election Day, new filings show

President Donald Trump's reelection campaign committee is entering the critical final stretch of his second bid for the White House with just $63 million left in the bank -- a significant financial deficit for the incumbent compared to his cash-flushed challenger, Joe Biden, the latest campaign disclosure reports show. The sum was a stunning reversal for a campaign that in the spring boasted $180 million more on hand than Biden and Democrats, as the former vice president was coming out of a competitive primary as the presumptive Democratic nominee. Seven months later, the Biden's campaign committee closed out September with $177 million in the bank, which is nearly triple his rival's...

Hannity Stalks Biden
Hannity Stalks Biden's Home: 'If You're Still Awake... Walk Outside'

Fox News host Sean Hannity took his already over-the-top promotion of the Hunter Biden laptop story to new heights on Tuesday night, setting up a camera outside Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's house and calling for Biden to "walk outside" and do a live interview to "answer these pressing questions."Over the past few days, Trumpworld has gone all-in on Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani's "October surprise"-a series of New York Post stories centered on materials purportedly from Hunter Biden's laptop that supposedly show "smoking gun" evidence of corruption on the part of the Bidens. The emails that have been disseminated so far, however, do not show any direct...

AP Explains: Trump seizes on dubious Biden-Ukraine story
AP Explains: Trump seizes on dubious Biden-Ukraine story

Looking to undermine rival Joe Biden two weeks before the election, President Donald Trump's campaign has seized on a tabloid story offering bizarre twists to a familiar line of attack: Biden's relationship with Ukraine. The origins of the story also trace back to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who has repeatedly pushed unfounded claims about Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Republican Pollster: Trump
Republican Pollster: Trump's Is The 'The Worst Campaign I've Ever Seen'

"Nobody cares about Hunter Biden," said Frank Luntz, who argued that the Trump campaign is focusing on all the wrong issues, The Hill reports.

White House looks at cutting Covid funds, newborn screenings in
White House looks at cutting Covid funds, newborn screenings in 'anarchist' cities

Documents show funding for a host of health programs is at risk under the president's order targeting liberal strongholds.

McConnell signals Senate Republicans don
McConnell signals Senate Republicans don't want bigger Covid relief bill before election

The majority leader told fellow GOP senators he is "encouraging" the White House to wait until after the election to make a deal.

Chuck Schumer Says He Had
Chuck Schumer Says He Had 'Long And Serious Talk' With Dianne Feinstein

The California senator angered liberal groups after she praised Trump's Supreme Court nominee and the GOP senator in charge of confirmation hearings.

The Big Role That Big Donors Still Play, Quietly, for Biden
The Big Role That Big Donors Still Play, Quietly, for Biden

One Monday evening last month, Hillary Clinton and Sen. Kamala Harris, and two actors who portrayed them on "Saturday Night Live," Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, gathered for a virtual fundraiser benefiting the Biden campaign. By all accounts, the livestream was a smashing success: About 100,000 people watched and donated. The event raised $4.4 million.That same night, Joe Biden beamed into a more intimate affair of fewer than two dozen people: a $500,000-per-ticket fundraiser hosted by billionaire financier Haim Saban. It raised even more: $4.5 million.While Biden's campaign has trumpeted the small donations flooding in at record rates, the elite world of billionaires and...

Facing a Deluge of Misinformation, Colorado Takes the Offensive Against It
Facing a Deluge of Misinformation, Colorado Takes the Offensive Against It

Like so many modern election sagas, it started with a tweet.In 2019, Jena Griswold, the newly installed secretary of state in Colorado, saw a tweet falsely claiming that her state's election system had been hacked, using a picture of voting equipment as evidence."It wasn't equipment that we even use in the state of Colorado," Griswold, a Democrat, said. Though her office was able to contact Twitter and take the tweet down within an hour, the flare-up was yet another reminder of just how pervasive election misinformation had become since the 2016 presidential election.To prevent deceptive tweets, doctored videos and other forms of misinformation from undermining Colorado's elections,...

'Fox & Friends' Hosts Remain Quiet as Guest Mocks Biden's Stutter

The hosts of Fox & Friends sat back and remained silent on Tuesday morning as right-wing radio host Tony Katz repeatedly ridiculed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's well-known stutter.During an interview on President Donald Trump's favorite morning show, co-host Ainsley Earhardt brought up the Commission on Presidential Debates' decision to allow for the candidates' microphones to be muted during Thursday's presidential debate-a direct reaction to Trump's repeated interruptions during the first debate.After Katz, a frequent Fox News guest, said that this was a "miserable idea" and wondering aloud why they don't just use "shock collars" while they're at it, he then took aim at...

Justice Dept. Says Trump
Justice Dept. Says Trump's Denial of Rape Accusation Was an Official Act

The Justice Department said Monday that President Donald Trump should not be sued personally for having denied a rape allegation because he made the statement while acting in his official capacity as president.Lawyers for the government made the argument as they defended Attorney General William Barr's decision to intervene in a defamation lawsuit filed in a New York court against Trump by E. Jean Carroll, a writer.Carroll has said that Trump raped her in a department store two decades ago and then falsely denied the attack while in office, branding her a liar and harming her reputation.But Justice Department lawyers say that even though the allegation concerns an incident that occurred...

How Failures of the Obama-Era Stimulus Could Guide a Biden Administration
How Failures of the Obama-Era Stimulus Could Guide a Biden Administration

The person taking the oath of office Jan. 20 will face an economic mess.That will be true whether that's Joe Biden or Donald Trump, and true whether or not the off-and-on negotiations over a new round of pandemic relief yield anything.Given mass failures of small businesses and continuing astronomical numbers of people filing for jobless benefits, the president will face a situation uncannily similar to the crisis Biden and President Barack Obama faced a dozen years earlier. If it is Biden who comes to power, along with Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, he will have something rare: the chance to look at the lessons of recent history and have a do-over.Obama's first...

Ex-RNC Chair Uses MLK Quote To Reveal Why He
Ex-RNC Chair Uses MLK Quote To Reveal Why He's Voting For Joe Biden

Michael Steele also slammed the GOP for bending its arc towards the baser motives of Donald Trump in a scathing op-ed.

Poll: Majority of Americans don
Poll: Majority of Americans don't trust Trump's statements on his health

Fifty-two percent of adults say they don't trust what President Trump has said about his health since testing positive for Covid-19 in the NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Tracking poll.

Biden eyes GOP candidates for Cabinet slots
Biden eyes GOP candidates for Cabinet slots

Progressives fret as Joe Biden's transition team vets a handful of Republicans for his potential administration.

Analysis: After America First, some investors bet on a Biden boost abroad
Analysis: After America First, some investors bet on a Biden boost abroad

With several opinion polls pointing to a Joe Biden presidency, these investors are leaning towards assets such as emerging markets or European bank stocks, as potential beneficiaries of a Democrat win while turning cautious on markets such as Russia which might be hurt by the change. A stimulus-fuelled U.S. growth pickup, accompanied by corporate tax hikes -- both expected under Biden -- could push capital out of the S&P 500 into other markets, especially if a coronavirus vaccine becomes available early next year. A consensus for a weaker dollar, driven by more predictable trade and foreign policies under Biden, will add to the big positive for emerging markets.

'Black lives matter': Navy SEAL who oversaw bin Laden raid says he voted for Joe Biden

The retired Navy SEAL did not specifically name President Trump, but ended the op-ed by saying "I voted for Joe Biden."

They Don
They Don't Trust the Mail. They Lined Up to Vote in Florida.

MIAMI-For nearly an hour on Monday, Alan Herrera stood in a line to cast his early vote for Joe Biden in the heart of one of Donald Trump's Latino strongholds. The 33-year-old Honduran American slowly inched closer to the entrance of the John F. Kennedy Library in Hialeah, a predominantly Cuban American city in the coveted swing state of Florida where the president and the former vice president appear neck-and-neck in various polls.About a dozen people ahead of Herrera waited their turn to go inside the early voting precinct. Roughly three dozen more voters stood behind him, lining the perimeter of the library. Many of them sported Trump-Pence T-shirts, face masks, and hats.Nearby, a...

Mics will be cut for portions of final presidential debate after commission adopts new rules
Mics will be cut for portions of final presidential debate after commission adopts new rules

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the rule changes Monday, three weeks after a chaotic opening faceoff between the two presidential contenders that featured frequent interruptions.

Will a COVID-19 relief deal be struck by Tuesday? What we know about negotiations
Will a COVID-19 relief deal be struck by Tuesday? What we know about negotiations

Democrats and Republicans struggle to cut a deal as they face a Tuesday deadline set by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Trump ties Fauci to Biden - to Biden
Trump ties Fauci to Biden - to Biden's delight

The Democrat's campaign seemed gleeful to be linked with someone who has continually rated as one of the most trusted voices on Covid-19.

Trump is
Trump is 'sitting' on $9 billion earmarked for COVID-19 testing because of a controversial advisor, report says

Dr. Scott Atlas, a radiologist who is not an expert on infectious diseases, has reportedly taken a fervent stance against expanded testing.

Newsom says California will review FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines before releasing them to public
Newsom says California will review FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines before releasing them to public

Gov. Newsom added to concerns about COVID-19 vaccines and said the state will review the safety of any vaccine approved by the Trump administration.

Behind in Polls, Republicans See a Silver Lining in Voter Registrations
Behind in Polls, Republicans See a Silver Lining in Voter Registrations

With President Donald Trump trailing in public polls in nearly every major battleground state, Republicans are pointing to what they see as more promising data: Updated voter registration tallies show that Republicans have narrowed the gap with Democrats in three critical states.As the presidential campaign heads into its final weeks, Republicans hope that gains in voter registration in the three states -- Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania -- and heavy turnout by those new party members might just be enough to propel Trump to a second term."The tremendous voter registration gain by the Republicans is the secret weapon that will make the difference for the Republicans in 2020," said...

Are Michigan Democrats in Trouble in Their Senate Race?
Are Michigan Democrats in Trouble in Their Senate Race?

One candidate slapped on a helmet, a black leather jacket and rode his Harley Davidson across Michigan. His ads highlight his toughness on China and his support for banning Chinese travelers from entering the United States early in the coronavirus outbreak, a policy of President Donald Trump's.The other candidate calls himself "nonpartisan." He denounces the way politics have become "nastier and more divisive." His wife recently appeared in a campaign ad to talk about their young son who has asthma as a way to demonstrate her husband's commitment to protecting health insurance for people with preexisting conditions.Neither candidate running for U.S. Senate in Michigan seems to want voters...

Facing fire from the right and left, Sen. Susan Collins beckons voters to political center
Facing fire from the right and left, Sen. Susan Collins beckons voters to political center

Collins acknowledged her party's current standard-bearer, President Donald Trump, has reshaped the GOP to some extent. His style doesn't align with her style, she said.

Meadows forecasts lawsuits against social media companies over bias claims
Meadows forecasts lawsuits against social media companies over bias claims

"They have two standards: one for one campaign, one for the other," said the White House chief of staff.

GOP senators voice fears of a painful Trump loss
GOP senators voice fears of a painful Trump loss

The new wave of Republican anxiety did not yield any perceivable course correction from the president, who directed fire right back at concerned GOP senators.

Trump Makes His Weirdest War On Christmas Attack Yet
Trump Makes His Weirdest War On Christmas Attack Yet

Trump attacked Joe Biden, but seemed to forget who the president is for 2020.

Loeffler, Warnock, Collins to have 1st Georgia Senate debate
Loeffler, Warnock, Collins to have 1st Georgia Senate debate

Candidates in the special election for the U.S. Senate seat held by Georgia Republican Kelly Loeffler are set to square off in their first debate Monday afternoon. Loeffler faces a large field of opponents including Democrat Raphael Warnock and fellow Republican Doug Collins in a race for the seat she was appointed to 10 months ago. The debate is being held virtually, with candidates joining by video from separate locations because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In North Carolina, Biden slams Trump for Covid
In North Carolina, Biden slams Trump for Covid 'lie,' warns 'things are getting worse'

"The American people do not panic," Biden said. "Trump panicked."

Why These Voters Rejected Hillary Clinton but Are Backing Joe Biden
Why These Voters Rejected Hillary Clinton but Are Backing Joe Biden

Samantha Kacmarik, a Latina college student in Las Vegas, said that four years ago, she had viewed Hillary Clinton as part of a corrupt political establishment.Flowers Forever, a Black transgender music producer in Milwaukee, said she had thought Clinton wouldn't change anything for the better.And Thomas Moline, a white retired garbageman in Minneapolis, said he simply hadn't trusted her.None of them voted for Clinton. All of them plan to vote for Joe Biden."I knew early that Trump definitely wasn't the guy for me," recalled Moline, an independent. But when it came to Clinton, "I guess I had a bad taste in my mouth from her husband's eight years in office." He voted for Gary Johnson, the...

New York City Was Once a Bastion of GOP Moderates. Then Trump Came Along.
New York City Was Once a Bastion of GOP Moderates. Then Trump Came Along.

NEW YORK -- Over the course of two decades, the New York City Republican Party got two mayors elected in deep blue New York City. It was a neat trick made possible by the party's ability to toe a centrist line -- conservative on the budget, liberal on social issues.But that line has shifted in the era of President Donald Trump, and so has the idea of a New York City Republican.The Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan, whose members have included Theodore Roosevelt and Nelson A. Rockefeller, has in the last two years hosted talks by Steve Bannon; the Breitbart News editor, Joel Pollak; and the Proud Boys founder, Gavin McInnes.Republicans are now outnumbered by Democrats in Manhattan...

Biden and Trump Say They
Biden and Trump Say They're Fighting for America's 'Soul.' What Does That Mean?

It is a phrase that has been constantly invoked by Democratic and Republican leaders. It has become the clearest symbol of the mood of the country, and what people feel is at stake in November. Everyone, it seems, is fighting for it."This campaign isn't just about winning votes. It's about winning the heart and, yes, the soul of America," Joe Biden said in August at the Democratic National Convention, not long after the phrase "battle for the soul of America" appeared at the top of his campaign website, right next to his name.Picking up on this, a recent Trump campaign ad spliced videos of Democrats invoking "the soul" of America, followed by images of clashes between protesters and...

Federal Appeals Courts Emerge as Crucial for Trump in Voting Cases
Federal Appeals Courts Emerge as Crucial for Trump in Voting Cases

This month, a federal judge struck down a decree from Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas limiting each county in the state to a single drop box to handle the surge in absentee ballots this election season, rejecting Abbott's argument that the limit was necessary to combat fraud.Days later, an appellate panel of three judges appointed by President Donald Trump froze the lower court order, keeping Abbott's new policy in place -- meaning Harris County, with more than 2 million voters, and Wheeler County, with well under 4,000, would both be allowed only one drop box for voters who want to hand-deliver their absentee ballots and avoid reliance on the Postal Service.The Texas case is one of at least...

Biden Is Dominating Trump on the Airwaves in Battlegrounds
Biden Is Dominating Trump on the Airwaves in Battlegrounds

President Donald Trump is being vastly outspent by Joe Biden in television advertising in the general election battleground states and elsewhere, with the former vice president focusing overwhelmingly on the coronavirus as millions of Americans across the country begin casting early votes.Biden has maintained a nearly 2-to-1 advantage on the airwaves for months. His dominance is most pronounced in three critical swing states -- Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin -- where he spent about $53 million to Trump's $17 million over the past month, with ads assailing the president's handling of the economy and taxes as well as the virus, according to data from Advertising Analytics, an ad...

WH CoS Meadows: Special Prosecutor Being Assigned to Investigate Hunter Biden Saga 'Has Merit'

Wednesday on Hugh Hewitt's nationally syndicated radio show, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows acknowledged being open to the possibility of looking into possible wrongdoing by Joe and Hunter Biden through the use of a special counsel based on revelations from a recent New York Post story. | Clips

Exclusive -- Kelly Loeffler Introduces Bill to Stop 'Un-American' Big Tech Censorship of Free Speech

Kelly Loeffler introduced a bill that would limit big tech's Section 230 legal immunity to stop censorship of free speech on the Internet.

There's a Growing List of Celebs Backing President Trump

Hollywood star Kirstie Alley's announcement that she is voting for President Donald Trump unleashed a firestorm of vitriol from the left against the Emmy-winning "Cheers" actress. But it also placed her in a growing list of celebrities who have been brave enough to publicly declare their support for the president.

Exclusive — Sen. Joni Ernst: Sarah’s Law Is About Justice

Sarah’s Law is about changing the system to ensure families of victims killed by illegal immigrants have the promise of justice.

Kamala Harris Failed to Prosecute Illegal MS-13 Gang Member Months Before He Murdered Bologna Family

A known MS-13 Gang member went unprosecuted by then-San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris' office months before he murdered a family.

UK Govt Says Teaching White Privilege as Fact 'Is Breaking the Law'

Following Trump's lead, the UK govt has said it opposes to Critical Race Theory and warned it is unlawful to teach "white privilege" as fact.

Joe Biden Claims 'No Basis' for Hunter Biden Accusations; Cites Romney, Clapper, Brennan

Joe Biden cited Mitt Romney and "intelligence people" in claiming "there's no basis at all" for allegations about Hunter Biden's emails.

WATCH: Keith Olbermann Says Trump Should Face the Death Penalty for Each Coronavirus Death

Former sports broadcaster Keith Olbermann left ESPN so he could say all the things he didn't feel he could say at ESPN

Biden: No Legitimacy to Claims Hunter Profited off Family Name, 'Desperate Campaign to Smear Me and My Family'

During an interview with Milwaukee's WISN 12 News on Tuesday, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden stated that there is no | Clips

Democrats Focus Efforts on Winning Pennsylvania as Race Tightens

Democrats are focusing huge resources on winning the key battleground state Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral college votes in 2020.

Kenyan Governor: Police Will Beat Flood Victims Before They Are Rescued

Flood victims in the Kenyan region of Tana River County will receive a beating before they are rescued, Gov. Dhahdo Godhana said.

WSJ Editorial Board: Joe Biden Must Answer Questions About Hunter Biden and China

The Wall Street Journal demnded that Joe Biden answer questions about his son Hunter's "influence-peddling" and his own dealings with China.

East African Truck Drivers Pay Bribes for Negative Coronavirus Tests

Long-distance truck drivers in East Africa are paying bribes to avoid state-enforced coronavirus testing at the Uganda-Kenya border.

Pompeo Pledges to Release Hillary Emails; Ex-Clinton Aide Seeks Investigation

The American Oversight liberal interest group called for an investigation after Mike Pompeo said State will release Hillary Clinton's emails.

Exclusive — Cooney Moved from Cell after Giving Emails Exposing Bidens

Bevan Cooney, the former business associate of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden who flipped on the Biden family, has been moved from his cell.

FBI, DOJ Agree: Hunter Biden Laptop, Emails Not 'Russian Disinformation'

The FBI and DOJ concur with DNI John Ratcliffe that Hunter Biden's laptop and emails are not part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

10 Examples of Joe Biden's Racially Charged Conduct and Comments

The following is an extensive, but not exhaustive, look into Joe Biden's problematic record on racial issues and his long history of making racially insensitive comments.

Clapper, Brennan: Hunter Biden Emails 'Russian Disinformation' Whether 'Genuine or Not'

More than 50 former intelligence officials signed a letter saying the Hunter Biden emails are "Russian disinformation" even if they are real.

Journalist Alleges Sexual Harassment by Rick Jacobs, Aide to L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti

Yashar Ali alleged Monday evening that he was sexually harassed by Rick Jacobs, a key political advisor to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Heilemann on Whitmer Kidnap Plot: Trump 'Engaged in Incitement to Domestic Terrorism'

MSNBC national affairs analyst John Heilemann on Monday's broadcast of "Deadline" accused President Donald Trump of engaging in "incitement to domestic terrorism." | Clips

Thailand Shuts Down News Agencies amid Protest 'Emergency'

Ongoing anti-government protests in Bangkok, Thailand, forced authorities to declare a "severe" state of emergency in the city on October 15.

As Democrat Cal Cunningham Dodges Scandal Accountability, Affairs Shake Up Race

As Cal Cunningham continues to dodge questions about his alleged affairs, the affairs have shaken up the Senate race in the final weeks.

Debate Commission Will Silence Microphone in Final Debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has adopted a new rule ahead of Thursday's second and final presidential debate.

Meadows: 'You'll See a Romanian Connection' with Money Flowing to Bidens

On Monday's broadcast of the Fox Business Network's "The Evening Edit," White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows stated that "some of the monies that | Clips

U.S. Senators Urge Pope Francis to Press China on Religious Liberty

Two U.S. Senators sent a letter to Pope Francis asking him to use his moral authority to pressure Beijing to halt abuses of Uyghur Muslims.

Supreme Court Rejects Republican Challenge to Pennsylvania Vote-by-Mail Changes; 4-4 Split; Roberts Sides with Liberals

The Supreme Court rejected a Republican request to stay a Pennsylvania decision granting Democrats' request to extend the vote count.

Hollywood Celebrities Eva Longoria, Michelle Williams Urge People to 'Vote Early and In Person'

Hollywood celebrities including Eva Longoria, Michelle Williams, and recent Emmy winner Uzo Aduba are urging people to "vote early and in person," by either voting at a polling location or submitting mail-in or absentee ballots at an early voting site.

Taliban Claims U.S. Violating Peace Deal in Afghanistan

The Taliban accused the U.S. military on Sunday of violating a peace deal the two sides agreed to in February.

Protester Arrested in Assault of Black Conservative Rally Organizer

The man who allegedly punched a Black free speech advocate before a rally in San Francisco is now faces a hate crime enhancement.

The New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin After Masturbating on Zoom

The New Yorker suspended reporter Jeffrey Toobin after he was caught masturbating during a Zoom call last week with New Yorker and WNYC radio members.

FNC's Baier: Hunter Biden's Emails Unlikely to Be a Question at Next Presidential Debate

Anchor Bret Baier said Monday on Fox News Channel's "The Daily Briefing" that presidential debate moderator NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker will not ask about Hunter Biden's emails. Therefore, it will be up to President Donald Trump. | Clips

Trump Mocks Biden for Time off Campaign Trail: 'They Put the Lid on It'

President Donald Trump on Monday ridiculed former Vice President Joe Biden for vanishing from the campaign trail.

MIT Tech Review: Tech Censorship Nearly Doubled Attention for NY Post Biden Bombshell

The attempt by the social media Masters of the Universe to stop the spread of the New York Post bombshell article about Joe Biden and his son Hunter's alleged dealings with Burisma, has nearly doubled the level of attention the story gained.

Trump Campaign Mgr Challenges Commission for Changing Debate Topics

President Donald Trump's campaign manager, Bill Stepien, criticized the Commission on Presidential Debates Monday for adjusting the topics.

Donald Trump: Reporters 'Criminal' for Not Reporting Hunter Biden Stories

President Donald Trump challenged the media for failing to report details of the new Hunter Biden stories published by the New York Post.

Ted Nugent: Beto, Biden, Harris 'Are Coming to Take Your Guns'

In an interview with Breitbart News, Ted Nugent sounded off on Joe Biden's gun control proposals and the power of Michigan hunters as a voting bloc.

Pennsylvania Poll: Joe Biden's Lead Narrows to Just 1.1%

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are statistically tied in Pennsylvania, a Restoration PAC/Trafalgar Group survey released Monday revealed.

Sen. James Lankford: Joe Biden Possible ‘Counterintelligence Risk’

Lankford called on the FBI to conduct a counterintelligence briefing with Biden, who may very well pose a serious “counterintelligence risk.”

Joe Biden's Transition Co-Chair Hosted Chinese Elites at Obama WH

The co-chair of Joe Biden's transition team hosted an elite group of Chinese officials linked to Hunter Biden at the Obama-era White House.

Trump: If Joe Biden Is Elected, 'Christmas Season Will Be Canceled'

President Donald Trump on Sunday warned supporters that if former Vice President Joe Biden wins the election, Christmas will be canceled.

Sen. Ron Johnson Calls For FBI To Address Reported Biden Ukraine Meeting

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) on this week's broadcast of Fox News Channel's "Sunday Morning Futures" called on the FBI to answer questions about a reported meeting between former Vice President Joe Biden and a senior official from Ukrainian energy company Burisma. | Clips

Donald Trump: Joe Biden 'More Corrupt' than 'Human Vacuum Cleaner' Hunter Biden

President Donald Trump accused Joe Biden of being more corrupt than his son Hunter, who pursued lucrative foreign business deals overseas.

Trump: Would Be 'Massive Depression' if I Just Listened to Scientists

President Donald Trump defended his handling of the coronavirus pandemic on Sunday at a campaign rally in Carson City, Nevada.

Exclusive — Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden’s Flipped Business Partner Provided 26,000 Emails

The business partner of Hunter Biden who flipped on the Biden family from prison provided access to 26,000 emails, Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer said in a Saturday morning radio appearance. | Politics

Biden Repeats 'Fine People Hoax' and 'Suckers' Hoax in North Carolina Speech

Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered his stump speech in North Carolina, repeating the "very fine people" hoax and the "suckers" hoax.

Watch Live: President Donald Trump Speaks at a Campaign Rally in Carson City, Nevada

President Donald Trump will host a campaign rally on Sunday in Carson City, Nevada

***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Nevada Rally

President Donald Trump will hold a Sunday rally in Carson City, Nevada. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times Eastern. | 2020 Election

Pollak: Bill de Blasio's New York Was Supposed to Be a 'Progressive' Model. It Is

When Bill de Blasio was elected, he was "anointed ... as the standard-bearer for a new progressive movement." The results are a warning.

WATCH: Antifa Shoves Elderly Man to Ground at Free Speech Rally

Antifa counter-protesters attempting to block people from attending a Free Speech Rally and Protest in San Francisco shoved a senior citizen to the ground | Law and Order

Bush Staffers Go All In for Joe Biden with Campaign Ads Attacking Trump

Bush staffers are going all in for Joe Biden in hopes of returning the White House back to one of their allies in the political class.

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