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Police to question Malaysia
Police to question Malaysia's Anwar over sexual assault claim

Anwar Ibrahim, in line to take over Malaysia's premiership, will be called in for questioning over allegations that he had sexually assaulted a former male aide, police said on Wednesday. Anwar has denied the accusation by the aide, Muhammed Yusoff Rawther, describing it as "politics at its worst". Muhammed Yusoff is being represented by a lawyer who counts Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad among his clients.

Toxic Israeli Politics Give Rise to Fears of Assassinations

(Bloomberg) -- In Israel's toxic political atmosphere, talk has turned to assassination.Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leaders have received death threats as two divisive and inconclusive elections dovetail in a caustic mix with the premier's indictment for fraud. A former spymaster sees a worrisome parallel with the vitriolic campaign against Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin before he was gunned down leaving a peace rally in 1995."There have been negative campaigns and smear campaigns" in the past, said Gabi Weimann, a communications professor at the University of Haifa. "But all of that is nothing compared to recent times."Israel has long been a society wracked by sectarian divides: Jews...

UPDATE 2-Huawei's CFO wins Canada court fight to see more documents on her arrest

Lawyers for Huawei's chief financial officer have won a court battle after a judge asked Canada's attorney general to hand over more evidence and documents relating to the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, according to a court ruling released on Tuesday. Meng's legal team has contested her extradition in the Canadian courts on grounds that the United States is using it for economic and political gain, and that she was unlawfully held, searched and interrogated by Canadian authorities acting for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes in the Supreme Court of British Columbia agreed with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd's appeal for Canada's attorney general...

Islamists attack Somali hotel, police say two militants killed

Islamist Al Shabaab gunmen attacked a hotel in Somalia's capital near the presidential residence on Tuesday and police said they killed two attackers and rescued dozens of people from inside. The two attackers were killed outside the hotel as they launched the attack, while two others stormed inside, deputy police commissioner General Zakia Hussen said, adding security forces had rescued 82 people, including several officials. The militant group, which frequently launches bombing and gun raids in Mogadishu in a bid to topple the U.N.-backed government, confirmed it had attacked the Syl hotel, which is popular with officials and lawmakers.

How did South Bend actually do under Mayor Pete Buttigieg? We pulled the numbers to find out.
How did South Bend actually do under Mayor Pete Buttigieg? We pulled the numbers to find out.

Buttigieg was a two-term mayor of a small city. It rebounded from a severely high unemployment rate but vacant houses are a problem.

Schumer Claims Durham Publicly Disagreed with Horowitz
Schumer Claims Durham Publicly Disagreed with Horowitz's Findings Due to Partisanship

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer accused U.S. attorney John Durham of political partisanship on Monday in response to Durham's statement disagreeing with the Department of Justice's Inspector General's findings on the origins of the FBI investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign."If Durham was so nonpolitical, he never would have released that statement," Schumer said. "When Attorney General Barr picked Durham, I was skeptical, because Attorney General Barr has proven to be a mouthpiece for President Trump and his wrongdoing, not a enforce-rule-of-law attorney general, and Durham's statement today confirms that."Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a...

Republicans hijacked the House Judiciary Committee
Republicans hijacked the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearings and turned them into a circus

The judiciary committee's hearings have been more about showmanship over substance and run the risk of losing public support for impeachment.

Trump claims DOJ inspector general report shows
Trump claims DOJ inspector general report shows 'attempted overthrow' of the government

President Trump highlighted inaccuracies in surveillance applications, but the report found the FBI was legally justified in opening the Russia probe.

Comey Claims IG Report Shows Trump
Comey Claims IG Report Shows Trump 'Smeared' FBI

Former FBI director James Comey attacked President Trump and Attorney General William Barr on Monday after the publication of the Department of Justice inspector general's report on the FBI's investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign.Comey was fired by President Trump in 2017, but Trump and his administration gave conflicting reasons for the firing. Comey has been accused by conservatives of mishandling the investigation into Hillary Clinton's controversial use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state."The Russia investigation was complicated - not surprisingly, the inspector general found mistakes, 17 of them, things the FBI should have done differently, or...

Here are the biggest takeaways from the DOJ watchdog
Here are the biggest takeaways from the DOJ watchdog's highly anticipated report on the Russia probe's origins

Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report on the origins of the Russia probe debunked many of President Trump's claims but found some wrongdoing.

People Have Taken Notice of Lawyer Steve Castor
People Have Taken Notice of Lawyer Steve Castor's Grocery Bag at the Impeachment Hearing

The Republican lawyer made a very practical choice of briefcase.

An artist sold a banana duct-taped to the wall for $120,000. On Sunday, someone tore the fruit off the wall and ate it.
An artist sold a banana duct-taped to the wall for $120,000. On Sunday, someone tore the fruit off the wall and ate it.

This week, Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan displayed a piece of art titled "Comedian" at a gallery in Miami. Then someone ate it off the wall.

Developing weather pattern has forecasters on early alert for potentially significant storm
Developing weather pattern has forecasters on early alert for potentially significant storm

As a stormy pattern resumes in the eastern United States during the second week of December, meteorologists are pondering the path and impact of a storm around the middle of the month. Forecasters are considering a range of scenarios that include a major disruptive storm with high winds, heavy rain and back-breaking snow to less severe impacts ranging from beneficial rain and nuisance snow to cold and mainly dry conditions.Americans with travel plans for Saturday, Dec. 14, to Sunday, Dec. 15, should keep tabs on the latest forecasts as this storm could potentially have crippling effects on travel and daily activities.At this point, there is a wide range of possibilities."In the...

Joe Biden slams the media for saying Democrats have moved
Joe Biden slams the media for saying Democrats have moved 'extremely to the left' since 2016 and says the party's not with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Biden said the media falsely reported that the Democratic Party "moved extremely to the left" following Hillary Clinton's 2016 loss.

Nigeria files fraud charge in bid to overturn nearly $10 billion penalty

Lawyers for the Nigerian government filed "new and substantive" allegations of fraud with a British court on Friday, carrying on a fight against an arbitration award now worth close to $10 billion, a spokesman for the attorney general said. The government has been contesting efforts by British Virgin Islands-based Process & Industrial Developments (P&ID) to enforce the award for a failed gas project and is also seeking to overturn the underlying award, the spokesman said. "Nigeria's new filings with the English Court is an act of desperation to try to undo the Court's sound conclusion that P&ID's $10 billion award is enforceable," P&ID said, adding that the award is now worth $10...

UNC students march, protest Confederate statue settlement

Protesters at the Un iversity of North Carolina-Chapel Hill marched to an administration building to criticize a legal settlement that will turn a toppled Confederate statue over to a group of Confederate descendants. A judge approved the settlement last week in response to a lawsuit filed by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. The university system said the settlement complies with a 2015 state law restricting the removal of Confederate monuments.

Social Justice Is the X Factor in U.S. and EU Politics
Social Justice Is the X Factor in U.S. and EU Politics

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- The 2019 edition of the Social Justice Index compiled by Bertelsmann Stiftung, a German nonprofit, provides ample food for thought on why leftist ideas have gained popularity in the U.S. and lost it in Germany. It also goes some way toward explaining why Sweden, long a paragon of social health, has a far-right party contending for first place in national polls.The index is an effort to bring together all the indicators that reflect how fair and inclusive a nation is for its citizens, ranging from poverty levels for different age groups to environmental data. The indicators are pulled together into six major groups: Poverty prevention, equitable education, labor...

Warren Calls On Buttigieg to Disclose His McKinsey Clients
Warren Calls On Buttigieg to Disclose His McKinsey Clients

(Bloomberg) -- Senator Elizabeth Warren called on her Democratic rival Pete Buttigieg to disclose the names of his consulting clients while working at McKinsey & Co. and "open the doors" of his fundraisers to the press.Speaking to reporters at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Boston on Thursday, Warren also urged Buttigieg to release more details about the financing of his campaign. Buttigieg has moved into the top spot in many recent Iowa polls as Warren has slid."The mayor should be releasing who's on his finance committee, who are the bundlers who are raising big money for him, who he's given a title to and made promises to," Warren said. "And he should open up the doors...

John Kerry Endorses Joe Biden for President to Fix
John Kerry Endorses Joe Biden for President to Fix 'the World that Donald Trump has Smashed Apart'

Former secretary of state John Kerry endorsed Joe Biden for President on Thursday, citing Biden's performance serving as vice president in the Obama administration as proof that he has what it takes to defeat President Trump."The world is broken," Kerry told The Washington Post. "Our politics are broken. The country faces extraordinary challenges. And I believe very deeply that Joe Biden's character, his ability to persevere, his decency and the experiences that he brings to the table are critical to the moment. The world has to be put back together, the world that Donald Trump has smashed apart."Kerry's announcement comes a week after news broke that former president Barack Obama...

UPDATE 3-U.S. says Iran may have killed more than 1,000 in recent protests

Speaking at a press briefing at the U.S. State Department, Brian Hook, U.S. Special Representative for Iran, said among those killed were at least a dozen children and "many thousands of Iranians" were also wounded. "As the truth is trickling out of Iran, it appears the regime could have murdered over a thousand Iranian citizens since the protests began," Hook told reporters.

Here's how Trump could be impeached, removed from office, and still win re-election in 2020

After removing a president, the Senate must separately vote by simple majority to prevent them from holding a federal office in the future.

Russia suspends revamp work at Iran's Fordow nuclear plant

Russian state nuclear company Rosatom has suspended work on revamping a factory at Iran's Fordow nuclear complex due to an issue with uranium compatibility, Rosatom's nuclear fuel cycle unit TVEL said on Thursday. "Uranium enrichment and the production of stable isotopes cannot be carried out in the same room," TVEL said in a statement, adding that it was "technologically impossible" to implement the project at this time. In November, the United States said it would cease waiving punitive sanctions related to the Fordow plant from Dec. 15 - a move Russia condemned - after Tehran resumed uranium enrichment at the underground site in contravention of a nuclear deal it signed with world...

Fox News Analyst:
Fox News Analyst: 'Somebody Else' May Have Used Nunes' Phone to Call Parnas and Giuliani

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett spun an interesting theory on Wednesday morning, claiming that it is possible that Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) didn't speak to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and Giuliani henchman Lev Parnas this past spring because "somebody else" may have used his phone.Call logs included in the House Intelligence Committee's impeachment report revealed that Nunes, the ranking member of the committee, was involved in extensive communications with Giuliani, Parnas, conservative columnist John Solomon, and the White House in April. The phone calls took place during Giuliani's Ukraine dirt-digging mission and campaign to discredit then-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie...

Texas Deer Hunters Tell Tale of Kidnapping After Deadly Mexican Cartel Shootout
Texas Deer Hunters Tell Tale of Kidnapping After Deadly Mexican Cartel Shootout

A Thanksgiving weekend deer-hunting trip to Mexico took a terrifying turn for two Texans who say they suddenly found themselves the ones with rifles pointed at them.Donald Chapman and his nephew, Colby Williams, said the gunmen who appeared before them on Sunday apparently had been part of a convoy of cartel sicarios that rolled into the nearby town of Villa Union the day before.The sicarios had mounted a surprise attack on the town hall and killed four police officers. But the hitmen got a surprise of their own and found themselves the target of a fierce government response that included Mexican marines and military helicopters. Photos posted online showed several bullet-riddled and...

Israel Plans New Jewish Enclave in Hebron, Radio Reports

(Bloomberg) -- Israel plans to build a new neighborhood for Jewish settlers in volatile Hebron, the only West Bank town where Israelis live among Palestinians, local media reported.Naftali Bennett, the caretaker defense minister in Israel's transition government, has ordered planning to begin for an enclave in the city's long-shuttered casbah, or market, Israel Radio reported.The biblical city has been a center of violence between Palestinians and Jews for decades, and is the traditional burial site of Abraham, a figure revered by both Jews and Muslims. The city is home to one of the most militant Jewish settler communities, numbering about 1,000 people, who live in heavily fortified...

Sri Lanka Tells Richer Nations to Step Up to Counter China FDI

(Bloomberg) -- Bigger and richer economies should invest in smaller Asian ones if they want to counter China's expanding Belt and Road Initiative, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said."I want to tell India, Japan, Singapore and Australia and other countries to also come and invest in us," Rajapaksa said in an interview with the Hindu newspaper. "They should tell their companies to invest in Sri Lanka and help us grow, because if they do not, then not only Sri Lanka, but countries all over Asia will have the same (problem)."China's Belt and Road Initiative has resulted in an estimated $575 billion worth of energy plants, railways, roads, ports and other projects. But President Xi...

Boris Johnson dismissed criticism of him calling Islamophobia a
Boris Johnson dismissed criticism of him calling Islamophobia a 'natural reaction' by saying people want to 'drag out bits and pieces of what I have said'

The BBC's Andrew Marr grilled Johnson about his 2005 Islam comments, and asked about Conservatives kept in the party despite their statements.

Peru Opposition Leader Keiko Fujimori Walks Free from Lima Jail

(Bloomberg) -- Opposition leader Keiko Fujimori walked free from a Lima prison Friday night after Peru's highest court annulled her 18-month preventive jail sentence for obstructing a money-laundering probe.Speaking to reporters outside the jail, Fujimori said the Constitutional Court had corrected a process that was arbitrary and "full of abuses," and said she'll keep cooperating with the investigation."I'm going to take time to reconnect with my family, recuperate, and later on we'll decide what I'll do in the second stage of my life," Fujimori said, according to video broadcast by the Canal N network.The 44-year-old daughter of former autocrat Alberto Fujimori was jailed 13 months ago...

U.S. panel sets deadline for Trump to decide participation in impeachment hearings
U.S. panel sets deadline for Trump to decide participation in impeachment hearings

A U.S. congressional panel on Friday gave President Donald Trump one week to say whether his legal counsel intends to introduce evidence and call witnesses in upcoming impeachment proceedings that could lead to formal charges of misconduct within a few weeks. The Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee, which is due to begin weighing possible articles of impeachment against Trump next week, sent a two-page letter to the president setting a deadline of 5 p.m. EDT (2200 GMT) on Dec. 6 for the president's counsel to specify intended actions under the committee's impeachment procedures. Panel Democratic Chairman Jerrold Nadler set the same deadline for Republican lawmakers on the committee...

Private investigators focused on frat party in Cornell University freshman
Private investigators focused on frat party in Cornell University freshman's death

Another element of the parents' search for answers is the history of Cornell student suicides connected to the gorges in Ithaca.

Cruise ship captain charged in deadly Danube River collision
Cruise ship captain charged in deadly Danube River collision

The captain of a cruise ship involved in a May 2019 collision on the Danube River in which 28 people were killed has been charged for his alleged responsibility in the incident and should be sentenced to nine years in prison, prosecutors in Hungary said Thursday. The 64-year-old captain of the Viking Sigyn river cruise ship, identified only as Yuriy C., was charged by Budapest prosecutors with negligent endangerment of water traffic leading to a fatal mass catastrophe, and 35 counts of failing to give assistance. Only seven of the 33 South Korean tourists aboard the Hableany (Mermaid) sightseeing boat survived the nighttime collision.

Giuliani Targeted Ukrainian President Zelensky
Giuliani Targeted Ukrainian President Zelensky's Top Aide

Evan Vucci/AP/ShutterstockRudy Giuliani didn't just push the Ukrainian government to announce investigations that would boost President Donald Trump's political prospects. The former New York mayor-who is not part of the U.S. government-also raised concerns to Ukrainian officials about a senior aide to President Volodymyr Zelensky, according to American and Ukrainian sources familiar with his comments. That aide, Andriy Bohdan, previously worked for an oligarch who had sparred with Giuliani's then-allies Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. Giuliani's comments led Ukrainian officials to believe he was pushing for the aide's ouster. A Zelensky administration official familiar with the discussions...

In 1969, a Rocket Almost Sunk the Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise
In 1969, a Rocket Almost Sunk the Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise

A terrible accident.

Dubai police adding Tesla
Dubai police adding Tesla's new Cybertruck to their fleet?

After a botched demonstration of the Cybertruck's armor glass windows - which shattered - the Dubai Police still seem impressed with Elon Musks' latest invention

Obama Chides Biden over Failure to Connect to Iowa Voters:
Obama Chides Biden over Failure to Connect to Iowa Voters: 'You Know Who Really Doesn't Have It? Joe Biden'

President Barack Obama reportedly took a swipe at his former vice president Joe Biden during a recent meeting with a Democratic presidential candidate, saying that Biden "really doesn't have it" in establishing a bond with the electorate, especially in Iowa.In the course of counseling an unnamed Democratic primary candidate, Obama emphasized the importance of connecting on a personal level with Iowa voters, drawing on the relationship he established with early primary state voters in 2008, and explaining that he "doesn't have it" anymore because such a connection withers over time."And you know who really doesn't have it? Joe Biden," he went on to say, according to a...

Federal prosecutors are reportedly probing whether Rudy Giuliani acted as an
Federal prosecutors are reportedly probing whether Rudy Giuliani acted as an 'unregistered foreign agent'

According to reports, investigators have widened their investigation to probe Giuliani's firm in connection with possible criminal offences.

13 dead, hundreds hurt as powerful earthquake jolts Albania
13 dead, hundreds hurt as powerful earthquake jolts Albania

Durrës (Albania) (AFP) - Albanian rescuers were digging through rubble as desperate survivors trapped in toppled buildings cried out for help Tuesday after the strongest earthquake in decades claimed at least 13 lives. The 6.4 magnitude quake struck at 3:54 am local time (0254 GMT), with an epicentre 34 kilometres (about 20 miles) northwest of the capital Tirana in the Adriatic Sea, according to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre. A total of 13 people have now been found dead, according to the defence ministry, while around 38 people have been rescued alive.

Grandfather charged in girl
Grandfather charged in girl's cruise ship death says he's colorblind

Salvatore "Sam" Anello said he blamed Royal Caribbean for the death of his granddaughter in an exclusive interview with CBS News

Global temperature rises could bring
Global temperature rises could bring 'destructive' effects, U.N. says

Global temperatures could rise sharply this century with "wide-ranging and destructive" consequences after greenhouse gas emissions hit record levels last year, international climate experts warned on Tuesday. The head of the World Meteorological Organization said global temperatures could rise by 3-5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels this century - more than three times agreed limits - if nothing is done to stop rising emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions surged to a record level last year, the United Nations said in its "Emissions Gap Report", released ahead of U.N. climate talks in Madrid next week aimed at spurring world leaders to limit climate change.

Pope's cousin takes star turn in Thailand as papal whisperer

She made him wait for her while she chatted with Thailand's king and queen. Sister Ana Rosa Sivori has taken something of a star turn during her second cousin's visit to Thailand, assuming an unprecedented role for a woman as papal whisperer and translator, who doesn't seem fazed that her charge is Pope Francis. Not so Sivori, who treats Francis with the respect owed a pope but nevertheless displays the confidence of a nun who has spent more than a half-century ministering to Thailand's faithful.

Handful of Hong Kong protesters surrender as university siege nears end
Handful of Hong Kong protesters surrender as university siege nears end

At least eight protesters who had been holding out at a trashed Hong Kong university surrendered early on Friday, while others searched for escape routes past riot police who surrounded the campus but said there was no deadline for ending the standoff. The siege at the Polytechnic University on the Kowloon peninsula appeared to be nearing an end with the number of protesters dwindling to a few dozen, days after some of the worst violence since anti-government demonstrations escalated in June. Hong Kong's new police chief, Chris Tang, who took up the post this week, urged those remaining inside to come out.

The Impeachment Hearings Have Been Useless
The Impeachment Hearings Have Been Useless

Democrats on the Intelligence Committee have spent the vast majority of their impeachment hearings trying to persuade voters that bureaucrats believe Donald Trump is impulsive, self-serving, and misguided -- all of which is unsurprising, and completely irrelevant to the matter at hand.Quite often, in fact, the most breathless coverage of these tedious hearings has absolutely nothing to do with the allegedly impeachable offenses of quid pro quo or "bribery" -- or whatever focus group-tested terminology Democrats are deploying today. Take the newest blockbuster witness, Fiona Hill, a Russia expert whose testimony nearly every outlet promised would be "explosive." She "lashes Rs for siding w...

Biden courts Southern black mayors for 2020 endorsements
Biden courts Southern black mayors for 2020 endorsements

Joe Biden met Thursday with a group of Southern black mayors representing millions of voters in urban centers who could play a key role in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. A day after the latest presidential debate in Atlanta, Biden was joined by the city's mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms, who has already endorsed him as the party's nominee. "This is about winning," Bottoms told the group.

A Siege in Hong Kong Heralds a New Phase of Protest
A Siege in Hong Kong Heralds a New Phase of Protest

For almost six months, the unrest in Hong Kong has followed a rhythm. But in November, the struggle took a sudden and dangerous new turn.

Philippine police say will arrest anyone flouting vaping ban
Philippine police say will arrest anyone flouting vaping ban

Philippine police were ordered Wednesday to arrest anyone caught vaping in public, just hours after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced he would ban e-cigarettes. The abrupt prohibition, revealed by Duterte late Tuesday adds to a growing global backlash against a product once promoted as less harmful than tobacco smoking. Duterte, a former smoker, called the devices "toxic" and said vaping introduced "chemicals" into the user's body.

Seller of bullets to Las Vegas gunman pleads guilty to ammo licensing offense
Seller of bullets to Las Vegas gunman pleads guilty to ammo licensing offense

Douglas Haig, 57, of Mesa, Arizona, became the first and only person arrested and charged in connection with the Oct. 1, 2017, massacre, which ended when the gunman, Stephen Paddock, killed himself. Haig told reporters following his arrest early last year that none of the surplus military ammunition he sold to Paddock in September 2017 was ever fired during the killing spree, which ranks as the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

'Without a shot': How a local warlord aims to break Hezbollah's hold

Hezbollah made its name fighting Israel. But in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, a local warlord says what the people need now are services and better lives.

Recipe: Jacques Pépin
Recipe: Jacques Pépin's Chicken in Vinegar

The famed chef and TV personality offers a classic dish, a specialty of the bistros of Lyon

Diplomat had to
Diplomat had to 'hold phone away from ear' as Donald Trump loudly asked about Joe Biden investigation

A US diplomat has told Congress he overheard Donald Trump on a phone call asking about getting the president of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. Mr Trump was speaking so loudly that the person he was talking to had to hold the phone away from their ear, allowing those nearby to hear what was being said. The call was described by David Holmes, the political counselor at the US embassy in Kyiv, in evidence given behind closed doors to the impeachment inquiry. Mr Holmes said he was having lunch with Gordon Sondland, the US ambassador to the European Union, and two others, on the terrace of a restaurant in Kyiv on July 26. It was the day after Mr Trump had talked by phone to Volodymyr...

3 judges drunkenly fight at an Indiana White Castle, leaving 2 shot. Now, they
3 judges drunkenly fight at an Indiana White Castle, leaving 2 shot. Now, they're suspended

Judges Bradley Jacobs, Andrew Adams and Sabrina Bell have been suspended without pay for being involved in a fight at an Indiana White Castle in May.

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