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Promoters Aren
Promoters Aren't Expecting Large Concerts to Return Until Summer 2021

In what should come as a surprise to almost no one, live music promoters are ready to throw in the towel for 2020 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. A New York Times article published on Sunday (May 24) spoke with a number of prominent executives, all who are pointing to next…

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's (Apparent) Remake of 'Look What You Made Me Do' with Brother Austin Fires Up Fandom

Taylor Swift may have finally started to make good on her vow to re-record her entire Big Machine back catalog - although she never said she was going to put her brother, Austin, on lead vocals for the entire epic project. Okay, so the siblings' (alleged) cover of "Look What You Made You Do," as […]

Guns N
Guns N' Roses Mock Trump With 'Live N Let Die With COVID 45' Shirts

Notoriously outspoken Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose is back to trolling President Trump, this time with a T-shirt that says "Live N' Let Die With COVID 45."The shirt references Trump's repeated refusals to wear personal protective masks, even as he toured a Honeywell factory last week that was manufacturing the N-95 safety equipment. Workers in the factory began blaring "Live N' Let Die" over the loudspeakers in an attempt to drown out Trump's speech, which promptly caught the attention of Rose and his band. They designed a shirt mocking the President and announced yesterday on Twitter that the merch would be sold on their website."Live N' Let Die" earned a Grammy nomination for Best...