Nail Polish Remover and a Disposable Razor Are the Secret to Cleaning White Sneakers


White sneakers really do go with everything. We've seen so many celebs pairing them with pretty summer dresses, from Kate Bosworth to Michelle Obama. They're so versatile, they've even made their way into red-carpet looks - and naturlally, they've become a staple in our closets, too.

The only downside is that those light colored designs are pretty hard to keep from getting dirty. One wrong move and boom, a dirty scuff mark that could ruin your entire look.

Reebok uploaded a video revealing the secret to making sneakers look brand new, and the footage shows exactly how to restore those white sneakers to fresh-out-of-the-box status. Ahead we've broken down each one of the steps in Reebok's video and added links to everything you'll need to bring those old sneakers back to life, including two totally unexpected items, like nail polish remover and a razor.

Find out exactly how to extend the life of your favorite pair of sneakers by hitting play on the video above.


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