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Credit where credit's due

Quarterback Dak Prescott is getting a lot of deserved blame for the Cowboys' playoff loss, (Jan. 24, 1B, "Prescott makes the mistakes Purdy was supposed to") but he is not the main culprit. That honor belongs to owner Jerry Jones.

It's been 30 years of inexcusable losing. And the one constant through the bleak decades is Jones. Don't let him off the hook.

- Blake K. Wallace, Arlington

Put history in its proper context

I have ancestors who were called to fight for Texas in the Civil War. I have a copy of a letter written from the battleground by Henry Renfro, whose brother Summerfield also served in the war. Summerfield Renfro was captured and moved from camp to camp and eventually died.

Henry Renfro, a chaplain, survived and later donated land for the town of Burleson so the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railway could run south of Fort Worth. There is still a Renfro-Clark house in Burleson.

These were simply people who, at young ages, happened to have arrived in the area and were called to serve. Their descendants served in both world wars.

I would appreciate more respect for family members who preceded me. There, but for the grace of God, goes you or I. (Jan. 22, 4C, "Texas holiday hailing traitors who fought for slavery must go")

- Joy Beavers-Paprskar, Fort Worth

Cookie has crumbled for me

I'm a former Girl Scout, but I stopped buying Girl Scout cookies after seeing a full-page ad showing dead orangutans titled "Dying for a cookie." I was horrified to learn that the palm oil used in the cookies was the result of clear-cutting rain forests and planting palm trees. That destroys the orangutan's habitat, threatening mammals and birds and contributing to global warming.

I love Thin Mints, but I love a sustainable planet more.

- Sharon Austry, Fort Worth

More guns don't mean safety

The many recent deaths where guns have been used underscore the fact that guns do not make us safe. Just the opposite. We can't have reasonable gun regulations because of Republican fearmongering. As you read about guns used in killings, be sure to thank our GOP elected officials for the mess we are in today.

- Doug Harman, Fort Worth

Keep Ukraine out of NATO

What would have been different if Ukraine were a member of NATO? Nothing. It is getting the same military support as if it were in the alliance, without having to foot the bill or having paid any membership dues.

The tens of billions that the U.S. has spent could be used to lower the cost of living here. And just days ago, there were reports of more corruption in the highest levels of Ukrainian government - in the middle of a war.

Why is the West pushing the eastward expansion of NATO? Before long, nuclear weapons will be on the table.

- Aram Azadpour, Grapevine

Focus resources on dyslexia

A recommendation for Texas' budget surplus: Targeting dyslexia should become a focus. Some are lucky and have no need to understand dyslexia. For others, it can take years to adjust. I know a situation in which parents employed tutors and good teachers who tried to help a struggling young person but had no success. Once targeted dyslexia instruction began, the student's life changed in a year.

Thousands of our so-callled "non-achieving" students could have their lives changed with targeted instruction. This learning is done in small groups, and every step is mastery-based. Two specialists per campus would not be sufficient.

The blame for failure should rest on those among us who want to provide good education without investing fully. Our billions should address this immediately.

- Lorna Smith, Cleburne

Schools aren't money-makers

Republican leaders in Austin have vowed to make school-choice vouchers priority legislation this year. Public money must stay in public schools - period.

I have no problem with alternative schools funded by alternative sources, such as churches, philanthropists and parents who can afford it. But draining dollars from already underfunded and struggling public schools doesn't create "competition" for them to improve. It sabotages success.

Schools are not businesses. They are a public service, meant to educate all kids from all neighborhoods equally. Creating a parallel, "better" system is not a solution. It will only give some parents "choice." It gives the vast majority of kids who remain in neighborhood schools no choice at all.

- Beth Llewellyn McLaughlin, Fort Worth


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