Lawmaker's censure sought after comments about Trump Jr.


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabama lawmakers abruptly adjourned after one lawmaker called for the censure of another over comments that included calling the president's son "evidently retarded."

Republican Rep. Arnold Mooney of Shelby County on Wednesday went to the House microphone to read a letter seeking censure of Rep. John Rogers, a Democrat.

Mooney said Rogers brought "shame" on Alabama with comments he made after debate on a proposed abortion ban. Rogers used the slur to describe Donald Trump Jr. and also suggested he should have been aborted.

House Speaker Mac McCutcheon gaveled down Mooney, saying he could submit the letter but there was "no call for this."

Democrats accused Mooney of grandstanding after announcing his campaign for U.S. Senate.

Mooney read the letter after Rogers had threatened to filibuster bills that evening. Lawmakers then adjourned.


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