Khloé Kardashian Claps Back at a Mommy Shamer Who Thinks She Spends Too Much Money on True's Toys


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The Kardashians and their kars (see what I did there?) have been causing all kinds of ~drama~ this weekend: First, Kylie Jenner showed off her luxury car collection on Insta to major backlash from fans who thought it was an ostentatious display of wealth, and now Khloé is being mom shamed for letting True play in a toy Bentley.

But let's back up a beat! Yesterday, Khloé posted a v adorable video to Instagram of True playing in a sparkly pink toy Bentley, and True is giggling, honking the horn, and having the time of her life-it's all super cute:

However one follower was not down with the whole luxury cars for toddlers situation, and commented, "Great, another kardashian in a Bentley. You guys are so oblivious to how your excessive spending looks to the outside world. I really loved your family's story and now just can't bare to watch you spend all this money on worthless materialism. It's so sad."

Khloé wasn't having any of that mom shaming though, and wrote back, "ummm you do know this is not a real Bentley? It's a toy no reason to get sad over a baby in a toy car. either way i'm sorry you feel that way but I hope you have a great weekend! Focus on things that make you happy! Smile ????"

But it doesn't end there! When the commenter wrote back saying, "Just figure it's something to be thinking about" and "Always ways we can improve as people, though - myself 100% included," Khloé responded with a long message about her parenting philosophy, saying, "I personally don't believe that all we 'do is spend money on worthless materialism.' I'm not here to prove what I do or don't do. But what I can say is that I'm able to look myself in the mirror and sleep well at night. I'm able to do that because I know I'm a good person and life is all about balance. Yes, I do choose to spoil my daughter. I want to spoil her with love as well with material items. She will also be raised with values, responsibilities, chores, respect, self love... We all work hard and we are able to spend our money in the way that we choose. I hope that's what comes across to 'the outside world', To lead with love above anything else."

Soooo I guess that's that!

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