Israeli F-16s Smashed a Syrian Missile Complex (And Russia Held Its Fire)


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Israeli F-16s Smashed a Syrian Missile Complex (And Russia Held Its Fire)

"Due to the special nature of the system, and that the Russians are likely to have supplied only a few missiles to equip the launchers, I don't think SAA will ever use it soon. The IAF has been using the tactic of saturating the attacked area with various kinds of missiles and bombs. It is not economical to use the S-300 against such an attack."

At 2:30 in the morning on April 13, 2019, around a dozen missiles tore over the night sky of Hama province, Syria, launched by Israeli F-16 jets flying over Lebanon.

(This first appeared several weeks ago.)

In response, short-range Syrian air missiles arced into the night sky trailing plumes of fire from their rocket motors. One or two can be seen exploding mid-air, possibly having have hit their target.

However, as has happened in over 200 other Israeli air strikes on targets in Syria, the defensive fire proved inadequate. The weapons struck three Syrian targets.

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