Iranians marched in fiery protests to demand Ayatollah Khamenei's resignation after officials shot down a commercial plane

Iranians marched in fiery protests to demand Ayatollah Khamenei\
Iranians marched in fiery protests to demand Ayatollah Khamenei\'s resignation after officials shot down a commercial plane  

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Iranian general warns of retaliation if US threats continue
Iranian general warns of retaliation if US threats continue
  • World
  • 2020-01-27 13:47:49Z

The chief of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard warned Monday that it will retaliate against American and Israeli commanders if the U.S. continues to threaten top Iranian generals. The U.S. killed Revolutionary Guard Gen. Qassem Soleimani, who headed the expeditionary Quds force, in a drone strike outside of Baghdad's airport in Iraq on Jan. 3. Five days later, Iran retaliated by launching ballistic missiles at two bases in Iraq housing American troops, causing injuries but no fatalities among soldiers there.

Iran's military knew it accidentally shot down a passenger plane moments after it happened, and a stunning new report details how it was covered up - even from Iran's president
  • World
  • 2020-01-26 17:25:16Z

Iran knew almost immediately that it was responsible for shooting down a passenger plane with 176 people on board, according to a new report.

Iran's President Rouhani reportedly threatened to resign over attempts to cover up downing of airliner
  • World
  • 2020-01-26 17:24:44Z

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani threatened to resign over the downing of a Ukrainian jet carrying 176 passengers earlier this month, The New York Times reports.Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps accidentally shot down the passenger plane amid heightened tensions with the United States that have since cooled a bit. A series of communication errors reportedly led to an officer firing missiles at the plane, believing it was a hostile U.S. aircraft. Upon realizing what had actually happened, the IRGC began to cover their tracks, refusing to even tell Rouhani the truth for days.Rouhani, left in the dark, reportedly deflected phone calls from other world leaders because he had no answers...

Anatomy of a Lie: How Iran Covered Up the Downing of an Airliner
Anatomy of a Lie: How Iran Covered Up the Downing of an Airliner
  • World
  • 2020-01-26 16:52:18Z

When the Revolutionary Guard officer spotted what he thought was an unidentified aircraft near Tehran's international airport in Iran, he had seconds to decide whether to pull the trigger.Iran had just fired a barrage of ballistic missiles at U.S. forces, the country was on high alert for an American counterattack, and the Iranian military was warning of incoming cruise missiles.The officer tried to reach the command center for authorization to shoot but couldn't get through. So he fired an anti-aircraft missile. Then another.The plane, which turned out to be a Ukrainian jetliner with 176 people on board, crashed and exploded in a ball of fire.Within minutes, the top commanders of the...

U.S. veteran group
U.S. veteran group 'expects' Trump apology for brain injury comment

A U.S. war veteran group is "expecting" an apology from U.S. President Donald Trump for his comments that downplayed traumatic brain injuries, an official said on Friday. Speaking in Davos on Wednesday, Trump said he did not consider the brain injuries suffered by U.S. service members in

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  • بتن رنگی
    (2020-01-12 06:48:14Z)

    اگر به دنبال اطلاعات جامع در مورد بتن رنگی و طریقه درست کردن بتن رنگ هستید به سایت ما مراجعه کنید.
    با بتن رنگی لطافت را به فضاهای خشن هدیه کنید! ما انسان ها زیبایی را دوست داریم و این ویژگی زیبایی طلبی در ضمیر ناخودآگاه ما انسان ها نهادینه شده است. وقتی که در خیابان راه می روید به اطراف خود می نگرید که دنیا پر از رنگ های زیبایی است که توسط خداوند خلق شده است. رنگ ها به ما نشاط می بخشند. حال فکر کنید که اگر تمام دنیا به یک رنگ بود. آیا آن وقت این دنیا دیدن داشت؟ هیچ لذتی در تماشای دنیای یک رنگ وجود ندارد. در مقوله ساخت و ساز نیز یک رنگی باعث کثالت خواهد شد. رنگ بتن یکی از ابزاری است که کسالت در فضا را به اشتیاق تبدیل می نماید. اگر ما تمام ساختمان ها و تمام ابزاری که برای ساخت به بتن نیاز دارند را به یک شکل در می آوردیم، لذت زندگی کردن از بین می رفت.تا کنون دقت کرده اید که کفپوش های پارک ها با وجود بتنی بودن به چه صورت رنگ های متفاوتی دارند؟رنگی بودن این کفپوش های بتنی به دلیل استفاده از بتن رنگی در ساخت آن ها می باشد. برای اینکه با این محصول بیشتر آشنا شوید سری به سایت بتن آریانا بزنید. شاید برایتان سوال باشد که بتن رنگی چیست؟ اگر مایلید تا درباره بتن رنگی اطلاعات جامع و درستی را به دست آوردید در این مقاله با ما همراه باشید.


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