How Gary Payton thinks Warriors should handle brutal losing season


It's been a brutal season for the Warriors, there are no two ways to cut it.

The five-time defending Western Conference champions currently reside at the bottom of the NBA and have their eyes fixed on the 2020 NBA Draft. Everything that could go wrong for the Warriors has, but things aren't all doom and gloom.

There's still some stuff the Dubs can take form their trip to the cellar, according to NBA legend Gary Payton.

"This year is gone," Payton said on the latest "Runnin' Plays Podcast." "I wouldn't bring Steph back. I wouldn't bring Klay back. ... Draymond Green I would basically let him play every other game. Leave it up to him. What they are doing now is they are finding some diamonds in the rough. [Eric] Paschall is is a diamond in the rough. You didn't know he was going to be that good. You wouldn't even know he was that good if these guys were there because he wouldn't have had a chance.

"This you're going to be in the lottery. Go pick somebody. Go get you a good basketball player coming out of college and try to work it. You're going to come back because you are going to get these guys back. Looney's going to be healthy, you're going to have some pieces to work with. You're going to get back to who you are next year. You might not be a championship team but you are going to get back. Just ride it out.

"You take it. You ride with it. The fans don't have nothing their yet. They are surviving, It's a lot of young kids that's playing hard," Payton continued. "At the most, they'll win 17, 18 games and you call it a wash. You get all you guys back. You become that Golden State Warrior team again, with some new life, some young legs, with a good pick and then you ride it out from there."

Sage advice.

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The Warriors are going to take their lumps this season, but expect next year to look a whole lot different.

How Gary Payton thinks Warriors should handle brutal losing season originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area


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