How Comfy Mattress Is Setting Up a New Standard of Transparency in the Mattress Industry

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  • 2020-09-24 11:15:00Z
How Comfy Mattress Is Setting Up a New Standard of Transparency in the Mattress Industry
How Comfy Mattress Is Setting Up a New Standard of Transparency in the Mattress Industry  

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 24, 2020 / Like any other mattress company, Comfy Mattress provides its customers with only the best for their bedding needs. However, they have gone above and beyond to become a different kind of mattress company.

There was a time when big mattress retailers were driven by cheesy salespeople who engaged in questionable business practices and enjoyed fat margins. The introduction of the bed-in-a-box changed the industry, and customers could buy mattresses directly from manufacturers instead of dealing with middlemen.

While first glance shows that this was a step in the right direction, there would be an underlying problem: transparency.

Buying a mattress directly from the manufacturer may be more convenient. However, there's the issue of not knowing things happening from behind the scenes. Matters such as the origin of the mattress's manufacturing, its markup, and other reasons are often kept from the customers.

Stan Oleynik saw this problem and created Comfy Mattress with his co-founder, Victor Teppone. They started the company to reinvent and reimagine the mattress buying experience online. To start, they were inspired by another online store called Everlane, which prided itself on its radical transparency. Stan and Victor knew they wanted to bring the same level of transparency to the mattress industry.

Comfy Mattress stands apart from other mattress companies as they are the first in the world to offer their customers transparent pricing. They reveal the costs behind all of their mattresses, the materials used, labor, and transportation, among others, before they offer them to their customers.

Another unique feature that the company offers is its trial period. While other companies typically offer a trial period of around 100 nights, Comfy Mattress offers a 150-night trial period to allow their customers a long-term "test drive" before they make their final decision.

Their trial period is also paired with a lifetime warranty on all of their mattresses. Comfy Mattress also gives away two free pillows with every mattress purchased. Dog owners are also given a free dog bed with a purchase of Comfy Premium.

Comfy Mattress gives its customers a choice between two types of mattresses: their standard or their premium model. The standard model is a 10-inch, three-layer mattress that comes with a proprietary BeCool cooling layer. The premium model is a 12-inch, four-layer mattress that offers the same cooling layer but with a macro air layer that has one of the highest airflows on the market.

Their mattresses, pillows, bed covers, cotton sheets, microfibre sheets, and mattress protectors are made with the highest quality materials. All mattresses are made in the USA. Each mattress produced by the company is made to order and is manufactured in their facility in Columbus, Mississippi. The production often takes a day or two to be completed.

Although the company is still growing, one of Comfy Mattress's mission is to donate to different organizations and homeless shelters. They have already donated to St. Vincent de Paul in Northern Kentucky and a local church within their community.

In doing this, Stan, Victor, and the Comfy Mattress team are showing other businesses that running a for-profit business is not always about maximizing your returns. With their values and vision intact, the company is pushing forward to continue to provide high-quality mattresses that their customers can truly enjoy and be proud of.


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