Got ants? Here's how to get rid of them, according to an entomologist


Ants may be tiny little creatures, but having an infestation in your home is a huge problem. The critters can end up on your floors, counters, and even in places you thought were off-limits, like your bedroom.

"Ants are mostly active in the warmer months," entomologist Roberto M. Pereira, PhD, a research scientist with the University of Florida, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. Meaning, it's currently go time for ants.

Clearly, no one wants to deal with an ant invasion, but it can be tough to figure out where to start with all the anti-ant products that are on the market. In lieu of brining in an exterminator (which can get pretty pricey), Pereira recommends using ant bait.

"With ants, it is always best to use bait materials so that any poison is taken back to the colony where the queen or queens are," he explains. "We usually say that only about 20 percent or less of the ant colony comes out of the nest to forage." So, really, the best way to kill ants in your home and their home base is to give them bait they'll take back to the nest, he says.

Here are some of the best options to try as your first line of defense:

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Raid Max Ant Baits

These innocent-looking traps contain bait that will kill an entire colony-and keep ants away for at least three months. You can also expect to see less ants within a few days.

Shop it: Raid Max Ant Baits, $10,

Terro Liquid Ant Baits

This is pretty simple to use: Just snap off the top of the liquid bait and place it wherever you're having ant issues. It's easy to use along floor baseboards, under appliances, or on windowsills, and should wipe out the colony.

Shop it: Terro Liquid Ant Baits, $9,

Ortho Home Defense

The ants have to be coming in from somewhere, which is why it's a good idea to spray the outdoor perimeter of your home. Ortho Home Defense is odor-free, dries quickly, and acts as a long-lasting bug barrier to keep ants from even getting access to your home in the first place.

Shop it: Ortho Home Defense, $13,

Terro Multi Surface Ant Baits with Adhesive Strips

Perfect for when you have ants that like to climb walls or cabinets, these ant baits come with adhesive strips so you can attach them to vertical surfaces to catch the critters in the act.

Shop it: Terro Multi Surface Ant Baits with Adhesive Strips, $7,

Hot Shot Ant Bait

Hot Shot doesn't mess around: It starts killing ants within hours. The baits will help take out the queen and her colony, and will continue working indoors for up to six months.

Shop it: Hot Shot Ant Bait, $4,

Harris Ant Killer

Harris Ant Killer contains borax, a naturally occurring mineral powder, that works slowly to kill so worker ants have time to take the bait back to the nest. The bait is made to target for sweet eating ants or sugar ants.

Shop it: Harris Ant Killer, $9,

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