George Santos's ex-boyfriend said he lived with the congressman and his wife while they were still married but thought the couple were just friends at the time: 'We all used to go party together'

George Santos in the House chamber
George Santos in the House chamber  
  • Pedro Vilarva, who met Santos in 2014, said he lived with Santos' wife unaware that the pair were married.

  • Vilarva said that he had no proof of whether or not the marriage between Santos and his wife was real.

  • Vilarva also agreed with the statement that Santos was a pathological liar.

An ex-boyfriend of Republican Rep. George Santos said he had no idea the congressman was married when they first started dating - even after moving in together with Santos and his then-wife in her apartment.

Pedro Vilarva, who was 18 in 2014 when he met Santos, described the living situation in an interview with Insider on Friday. Santos, who is now openly gay, was 26 at the time and married to a woman.

"When I moved to New York, I was living in her apartment. I lived for a whole month in her apartment. For me, they were friends. They knew each other, we all used to go party together, we went to events together," Vilarva said.

Vilarva said that he eventually discovered the pair were married, but Santos told him that he was planning to divorce his wife.

"I was a little bit shocked, but when he told me he was getting a divorce, I was waiting... But then he never got the divorce until a couple years back," Vilarva said.

Vilarva said he had no proof whether or not the marriage between Santos and his wife was genuine. He also said that while Santos and he were dating, his wife was dating another man as well.

Between 2012 and 2019, records obtained from the Daily Beast revealed Santos was married to Uadla Santos. Santos divorced her weeks before his first run for Congress in 2020.

Vilarva and Santos met in 2014, and Santos announced an engagement party with Vilarva that same year. Vilarva, however, told the Daily Beast that the engagement party did not happen and that he had rejected Santos' proposals. "He asked me 3x but I didn't accept it," Vilarva told the Beast via text. "There was never a party [or] anything in regards to it."

Vilarva eventually left Santos in early 2015 after uncovering multiple false statements that Santos had told him and discovering that Santos had been investigated by Brazilian authorities for fraud.

Santos, newly elected to New York's 3rd congressional district, has spent weeks in the spotlight after dozens of his lies have come to light. He lied about his education and work experience, once performed as a drag queen, which he has denied, and obscured the truth about his religious beliefs by claiming to be "Jew-ish."

When asked by Insider if Santos was a pathological liar, Vilarva said yes, stating that Santos would lie to "cover up" his other lies.

"One lie leads to another, Vilarva said. "He does that intentionally."

Vilarva has previously accused Santos of lying about purchasing plane tickets to Hawaii for him while they were dating and believes that Santos may have pawned off his phone.

Vilarva also questioned Santos' claim that his mother survived the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center.

"I was born on 9/11, in 1995; they knew that I was born on the day," Vilarva said. "We spent my birthday together. If they knew my birthday was on that day, wouldn't you reference that or say something about it? Like, 'By the way, I was a 9/11 survivor.' No, they never said anything, not him and not his mom."

As more of Santos' lies have been revealed, pressure is mounting on him to resign from his position in Congress. Vilarva agrees that he should resign, but doesn't think that will happen anytime soon.

"His ego is too high," Vilarva said. "He always wanted power and fame, so he's not going to resign. He will not resign until they find something to get him out. But he should definitely resign."

A representative for Santos did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.


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