Fox's Brit Hume Grumbles That Biden Is Spouting 'Black Grievance Politics'

Fox\'s Brit Hume Grumbles That Biden Is Spouting \'Black Grievance Politics\'  

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume complained about presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's speech on racial injustice, grousing on Tuesday that the former vice president was just peddling "black grievance politics."

Speaking at Philadelphia's City Hall on Tuesday amid the fiery protests that have raged for days in the wake of George Floyd's death, Biden called on Congress to pass legislation to ban chokeholds and create a standard use-of-force "model" for police across the nation.

Following Fox News host Tucker Carlson's program-opening monologue in which he warned viewers that "violent young men with guns" will soon be coming to their neighborhoods, Hume was asked how the political landscape would look in the aftermath of the protests.

After grumbling that the Democratic Party has "moved ever further to the left," the Fox News veteran went on to say that Democrats are now out "where the buses don't run" and siding with the protesters "even if they're violent and looting."

Turning to Biden, he said the ex-veep's speech was a "perfect example" of this extreme political shift before openly carping that Biden was focused too much on race.

"He had about two sentences in that speech of some length in which he expressed disapproval of the violence," Hume said, adding: "All of the rest of it was the same grievance-black grievance politics we have been hearing for decades now."

Hume-who refused to call President Donald Trump's infamous "go back" tweets racist- claimed Biden's speech made it appear that no civil rights legislation had ever been passed and insisted the United States had done more than any other nation on racial progress.

"Has any country on Earth tried harder to right the racial wrongs that this country has?" Hume asserted. "If it has, I would like to know which it is because I don't know that is the case. We have fought a civil war-unbelievable bloodshed- and lives given to slavery, people have shed blood since then. We have tried very hard as a nation."

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