Extended trip? How to pause cable, internet services and save money

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If you're heading off for a long trip, spending time in a seasonal home, or otherwise away, here's a smart way to save money: Pause your cable and internet. Yes, you can do this and keep many of your service's perks.

Here's why canceling isn't your best option

When you're going on an extended trip, there's no reason to pay for internet service back home. You might think canceling and reactivating is the way to go. That's a bad idea.

• You'll often face a cancellation fee.

• Canceling your service is frustrating and takes time. You'll likely be bombarded with questions about why you're canceling and offers to keep you. And once you're through with everything, you'll have to take time to return equipment to your provider.

• You'll often pay an activation fee to reactivate your previous service or sign up with a new one.

• Resuming service takes time too. You'll need to set up your plan, payment, and equipment.

The good news is many internet search providers and cable/satellite providers allow you to pause your service, which is much more convenient.

Below I gathered info on some of the biggest providers in the country. If you don't see yours, check its website or give them a call.


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