Diego Sanchez rips Daniel Cormier, calls for Conor McGregor 'legends' bout

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  • 2020-02-19 18:27:38Z
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Diego Sanchez's most recent fight - opposite Michel Pereira at UFC Rio Rancho - ended in an unorthodox fashion. Sanchez was hit with an illegal knee while downed and could not continue. He thus was awarded the victory via disqualification in a fight that most felt Pereira was winning up until that point.

By all accounts, Pereira was taking the fight to Sanchez in their co-main event bout. Leading 20-18 on all three scorecards going into the final round, he was showboating a bit before eventually sending Sanchez to his knees from a shot to the body. While Sanchez was downed, Pereira delivered an illegal knee to the head, leaving him dazed and bleeding as the doctor checked on him.

The referee asked Sanchez if he was able to continue. Sanchez stated that he couldn't see because of the blood from the cut that opened up on his forehead due to the illegal knee. He then asked if the fight would end in a disqualification if he couldn't continue. The referee then denied Sanchez's request to talk to his coach.

Asked if he wanted to continue or not, Sanchez responded no, saying that he could not see out of his left eye.

Pereira was disqualified and Sanchez was ruled the winner. After the fight, Sanchez was transported to a hospital for evaluation.

Sanchez and his coach, Joshua Fabia, have received a lot of criticism following the fight. Sanchez has been particularly defensive about the critics of Fabia and recently released a near 12-minute video in defense of his coach.

TRENDING > Diego Sanchez calls out MMA media for criticism of UFC Rio Rancho fight

Here's what Sanchez said in the comments that accompanied the video, which you can watch below:

This is what REALLY happened. As we all come to think we are experts, as we all have eyes and think we can see, I will now show you what you are not AWARE enough to see. My coach should be getting coach of the year award for reinventing a fighter at the age of 38. What you are seeing is something special.

Now I ask you all why you could not see it, or why you could not allow Joshua Fabia to be acknowledged in any way for what he has done. He has done this alone. No equipment. No team. No building.

If you see this and respect me at all you all owe him a HUGE apology. And if you are not willing to apologize and want to deny what you see in this video you are too far corrupted and no one can help you.

To all the fans that supported even though you couldn't see, I love you even more. For all of you that have written me off and talked trash, keep watching because you can't stop me now.

School of Self Awareness is a worldwide movement and it is for those who are willing to help themselves. Share if you care, if you don't we now know you don't care. I am a legend, don't let them destroy my legacy. If they can do it to me, they can do it to you. Stand up for yourself because no one else will.

Oh (Conor McGregor) any time, any place I would cherish the opportunity to have a legendary fight with two legends. Plus it might be nice having a fair fight for a change. If you thought (movement coach Ido Portal) was anything you really need to meet Joshua Fabia.

Nice commentating (Daniel Cormier), really thank you from the bottom of my heart. You did me so wrong it taught me what is really going on. Thanks for not talking to my coach, manager and cornerman Joshua Fabia in our pre-fight meeting. You already showed me your bias attitude then.



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