David Fizdale: Knicks didn't believe they could beat Bucks


The Knicks fell behind 7-0, 21-8 and 51-24 in a 132-88 loss to the Bucks last night.

New York coach David Fizdale, via Steve Popper of Newsday:

I have some ideas why.

The Bucks won 11 straight entering yesterday. The Knicks lost six straight entering yesterday. Milwaukee has a player in Giannis Antetokounmpo who can do this. New York has… a bunch of power forwards.

That said, any NBA team can beat another on a given night. Motivating his players is part of Fizdale's job.

It's not an easy task. The Knicks' roster is severely lacking. But Fizdale is failing at his - again, difficult - job. Admitting it so directly sounds like the last words of someone heading toward getting fired.

Also: Though I don't believe the Knicks are tanking yet - they signed too many expensive veterans, talked too much about competing and are too early into the season - this is why it's oversimplifying to say players don't tank. When the front office builds a team barely capable of winning (intentionally or not), players get worn down. They have a difficult time staying sharp for each game, which begets even more losing. So, though players "want" to win, they also often succumb to the morass of losing - which only further improves the team's draft position.


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