Danberry retires from ISD after 37 years

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  • 2022-06-25 09:30:05Z
  • By Sturgis Journal

St. Joseph County Intermediate School District board members and staff commended Theresa Danberry this week on a job well done.

Danberry is retiring from the ISD as administrative manager after 37 years with the district. Monday was her last meeting of the ISD board.

Elizabeth O'Dell, president of the board, thanked Danberry for all of her reassurances over the years.

On behalf of the board, superintendent Teresa Belote, and staff, O'Dell presented Danberry with a gift.

"This is just a small token of our deep love and appreciation for all you have done," O'Dell said.

Danberry said it has been a pleasure and a privilege.

"It really has," she said.

On Monday, the board also:

  • Held a public tax hearing for 2022-23.

  • Approved 2021-22 budget revisions and 2022-23 budget proposals for general fund, career & technical education, information services and special education.

  • Approved 2022-23 conditions of employment for non-union employees.

  • Approved the second reading and adoption of board policy revision, as recommended by Thrun Law Firm.

  • Approved the purchase of a school bus for about $128,000 from Midwest Transit.

  • Approved the employment of Andrea Chamberlain as social emotional learning coach.

  • Congratulated Tera Yesh on earning her Chief Technology Officer certification from MSBO.

  • Welcomed new employees Claire McNulty (speech language pathologist), Bradley Prater (special education supervisor/principal), and Laurie Schabes (HR/payroll coordinator).

Theresa Danberry, left, was congratulated on her retirement by ISD board president Elizabeth O’Dell and others at a meeting of the board this week.
Theresa Danberry, left, was congratulated on her retirement by ISD board president Elizabeth O’Dell and others at a meeting of the board this week.  

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